Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow this Monday doesn't suck!

Mind you, it's only half-over... better not press my luck and shaddap about it. Just had a most juicy and sweet orange to go with the flow and am now typing with sticky fingers. w00h00!

Note to self: glow-in-the-dark look not in fashion anymore, get ass to tanning asap.

I think this is one of my shortest posts evah.

/the end/


Prin said...

Glow in the dark is sooo in style right now.

As is rimmin'. :D

Ok seriously, everybody's all offended by that. It's so funny. My good girl reputation has taken a leap into the naive I think. People think good girl prin can't joke about that kind of thing?

Anyway, I hijacked your comments.

Hi, I'm prin and I'm a commenty parasite.

Hi, prin.

Bye, prin.

rs27 said...

I disappear in the dark.

Prin said...

Yeah, but rs, you disappear most places.

Ooooo, burn.

Technodoll said...

Do I have to hand out band-aids?! Don't make me! lol