Saturday, January 19, 2008

Deep n'delicious

My friend N calls me up tonight from the grocery store:

N: Please tell me not to buy this (McCain's Deep n'Delicious) cake!
Me: Er, why would I do that, crazy woman?
N: Cuz it's so bad, it's on sale and oooorrghhghgmmmmph!
Me: But the damn thing. Now. Buy two and keep one for later.
N: But but but -
Me: Doowit! Doooowit!
N: *giggle* hokay!

I am such a good friend :-)

There was a creepy creep out in the dark field tonight... took the dogs to a place near home cuz the usual, farther place is a siberian wind tunnel - there was nobody around and the dogs were minding their own business.

Then some guy ambled along the path intersecting the field, dressed for building an igloo, with a huge furry hood over his head (I never got to see a face) and just stood there in the middle of the field, not moving. Of course this kind of behavior attracts dogs to go inspect WTF is going on, right?

They had their hackles up, sniffed him as he stood stone still, then circled away... the little one barked a few times but she's a fraidy cat, never gets close cuz she's always ready to run away if the offending person goes "boo".

Well thank the lord bejeezus, because as I passed him I saw he had a facking jack knife in his gloved hand, which he put away in his pocket after I had rounded up the dogs and walked away!! Motherfucker!

I'm only realising now, as I write this, how ugly a situation that could have turned into if my dogs were a wee bit dumb or overprotective.

*goes to fetch an imaginary glass of whiskey*


Katana said...

hon, please tell me that when u walk ur dogs at night... u go out armed.

Technodoll said...

Um... nobody here walks around armed, unless you're part of a gang or something. That's why this has rattled me!

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t! Be careful when walking those dogs at night. Scary!

And remind me to call you the next time I am in the grocery store and I'm am debating whether to buy a really fattening chocolate cake. LOL!

Invincible Yang said...

I'm going to get you a telescopic baton - it's good for dog stuff too as you can use it to get in the jaws if some mutt clamps down on one of the beanies.

You should also buy some bear spray and carry that - it'd be good for breaking up dog fights and doubles up as effective creep repellant.


Technodoll said...

1218 - you know what would happen, right? So pick a good cake! LOL

Yang, only if you show me how to properly use these things... I wouldn't want them to be turned against me, you know? Better idea: you come walk with us ;-)