Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snippets of life

Aren't vacations for chilling out and relaxing with your loved one, and nevermind the weather?

That's my mindset and so far: awesome! The past few days have been quiet, on purpose... catching up on fun stuff like Flight of the Conchord (he he), movies and loads of cuddling, cooking and talking until all hours of the night. Perfection.

Yesterday we had a drink at a sexy pub, actually an old converted bank - mmm tuscan mule, gotta love the Tuaca!

Today we made our way to the tattoo shop and I managed to not notice that my camera was on "manual" mode - duh - and took the crappiest photos ever that not even photoshop could save... I'm posting them anyways LOL!

I'll get real pics this week - grrr. This town is too lovely not to photograph to death!

Part of Vegas' half-sleeve, in progress below. Had never seen a tattoo session in real life, it was quite interesting to see it from start to mid-finish (2nd session is in a couple of months):

We took a break to grab some food (before he passed out, LOL!) and I got treated to my first cornish pasty and it will not be my last! Ohhh man, are those hot pockets ever delicious... inhaled a steak and guiness one and had a very happy tummy:

We sat outside for the fresh air and lovely refreshing rain (hey it's England), how amusing is this?

Enough tattooing for the day, time to trot on back home and chill with wine, dinner and a movie... tomorrow we'll meet up with some of his friends and if the weather permits, soon it's a trainride to London for more touristy stuff. He he. I am a tourist!! w00t!

Last shot of the crane and the snake (in progress):


The Clumsy Chatterbox said...

I SOOOO miss Europe. Enjoy it!

Trippincherri said...

Wow very intricate detailing on the tattoo! Nice job.

I am so jealous, that your over there in that beautiful little town with no snow and delish foods.
Hehe, but I'm also glad your getting a break from reality and enjoying yourself so much.

Z28gurl said...

Love the tattoo as well, im not a big fan of sleeves partial or full ,but that one reall looks nice thus far.

Im so envious of the sights you are seeing, perhaps I should head to the UK to find... well ... someone! lol

Technodoll said...

Chatterbox, you bet I am enjoying every single moment! Sigh. I need to be here more often, that's all.

Trippin, the break from reality saved me from a burnout, I tell you. It's not even a luxury! And wait until you see the tattoo later on - it's magnificient!

Z28gurl, yeah this tat is awesome... and I never thought to love the UK as much as I do. Wow. Even old girls can learn, LOL!

Dolce said...

I dig a man with tattoos! And a sleeve??? Mmm...heaven.

Anonymous said...

I heart a boy with tattoos. Hollywood has none. Pussy. Love the pics, keep 'em coming.