Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keeping things close to my heart

I'll admit my posts have been kinda on the vague side lately... I guess it's a mix of my life being ho-hum with routine stuff and me not really comfortable with blogging about the important stuff going on.

Sure sounds like a recipe for y-a-w-n, eh?

Oh well - it is what it is right now. I imagine it will change later on when I loosen up about "stuff", with the conscious thought that no matter what I write, it will probably hurt or offend at least one person - just like real life. On the upside, it would be nice to just be me, the loudmouth, and consequences be damned!

Two photos from today's lovely weather:

The view from my livingroom balcony door, 7:30am. Awesome. It was great fun walking the two furkids in that soaking icy windy mess. NOT.

And later on in the day, the view from my office. How inspiring is that? Again... awesome. Oh and this was taken with my camera phone, hence the crappy photo quality - but I do love the toy!

Anyhoo. The streets have dried up, tomorrow we are one day closer to the weekend, I'm off for a hot frothy shower (mmm! new fruity gel!) and the chocolate bar I polished off was yummy.

I miss my man like hell. Hope he knows I dream of him every night.


Jessica Maceda said...

I'm jealous your office has a window.......I hate hate hate that mine does not!!

Prin said...

You dream of him every night? Dang it. I still dream crappy dreams. Tsk. Lucky.

It's way frozen outside. Boo.

Technodoll said...

Jessica, I know I've got it good... call my office "the aquarium" though, LOL!

Prin, my brain flushed out the crap a long time ago. Burnt with wine, I think. *grin*

Deutlich said...

I think you should go for it! Fugg ery'one and their drama.