Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shiny toys rock!

It's a small thing but it makes me happy... picked up an LG Chocolate Spin (in dark blue) this afternoon and oh, I just love it... My old phone was just so passé with very limited text functions and the sound quality was deteriorating soooo.... I got me an early birthday present. :-)

Now I just need to buckle down, read the manual and figure out how stuff works, load it up with music and transfer all my contact into. What a bore. I don't need a maid, I need a geek to do all these things for me! OK preferably a hot geek with a nice ass, who loves to bake, iron and wash floors. Anybody?

Pfft. Good help is so hard to find these days!

I am sooo not ready for another long week of work... mleh. It's suckass cold so dog duty is difficult and unpleasant (except for this morning), my motivation for anything fun is in the crapper and why have I not won the damn lottery yet?

Dinner was a bowl of cereal and chocolate, how about that? *waves rolling pin at mocking spectators*

Kay, off to tame the phone, and no it's not coincidence that it's called a Chocolate Spin! he he!


Anonymous said...

Very good phone choice! I want a new phone. Not that I need one, just want one. I wouldn't mind one of those hot geeks either. Not that I need one, just want one.

Prin said...

Cool. So you have a new phone I can not call you on now? :D

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Good choice! I am looking for a new phone too and was thinking about a LG as well. Chocolate rulzz:))

Technodoll said...

1218, life is short so go for it! The phone I mean... but if you can find the geek to go with it, I'll celebrate with you ;-)

Prin, exactly! *grin* It's only for show. No calling.

F.Angel, it's a most awesome phone, super sexy and very star trekkish LOL!

Skryker said...

Geez, I was fitting the job description right up to loves to iron and wash floors. :D Ya lost me there!