Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not enough hours in the day

I missed my blogland today - busy at work and not equipped to multitask... Ooops me!

American Idol is on again, despite the "same old, same old" I am hooked. You think you've seen it all until another season crops up and oh, the laughs begin again... Remember "The Gong Show" from the late '70's? Yeah. That, only shinier and louder.

Going on 9pm now and I haven't eaten dinner yet - sigh. I definitely spend too much time online and can't shake the addiction. *runs around flailing arms*

Sorry for the super mega boring post, too tired can't brain straight.

The plants need watering, the hair needs washing, the dogs need petting and the man needs a kick in the arse for being moody tonight on chat - he really brought my happiness down to shrapnel and I'm upset. Sure we all have bad moments but jeez, don't log on then and just go to sleep.

I sign off tonight sad and deflated.


Prin said...


I think it was mans' pms day today.

Invincible Yang said...

women dont understand these things


Technodoll said...

Ah yes the legendary "man colds" - I get it now. Kinda like PMS on steroids. Awesome!