Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brain dump before bedtime

Just throwing it all out there... why do hot showers cause the brain to fire off in a hundred directions all at once, and then you can't sleep because it won't switch off? Bastid thing!

This is not supposed to make sense, so don't look for any.

1) Stopped into a chic boutique clothing store on my way home, and the cute flirty owner said everything in the store was on sale for $20. I thought I heard wrong.

"Excuse me?"
"Yes, $20. Everything. I need to make room for the new spring collection."

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

"Even these fab $178 jeans?!"

I think Lady Luck was smiling at me, a kind of repentance for the shitty weather and my man being 3000 miles away. Hah! They had one pair left in my size and of course they fit so I snatched them up... I did exercise restraint though, resisted the shiny gorgeous purses cuz I don't need any, so walked out with the jeans and a sexy funky blouse of sorts. *pats self on back*

2) Why do delicious scented body creams cost so damn much? My ex had surprised me with a jar of Lancome Absolue Body Cream last year, and I'm still scared to use the damn thing: a small jar costs over $100 with taxes, wtf?

Well, screw that!

Buy a big container of nonscented house-brand body cream, pump some into a biggish jar, add a few drops of your favorite perfume, stir and enjoy. Hey I'm not cheap, I'm practical and ingenious. He he.

3) Diet has been crap this week. Have been craving cereal for dinner almost every night and can't be bothered to eat much, if any, fruit and veggies at all. Carbs and sugar, carbs and sugar in the form of chocolate. Must be the lack of sex that is getting to me. *goes to stand in corner, all sad*

4) I can't seem to stop procrastinating on the stupidest of things. For instance, I've only programmed 5 numbers into my new phone... which I got Sunday. Still have over 60 to plug in and mleh - tomorrow. Or next week. When I get around to it. Watch me need a number and not have it and then I'll kick some random lamp post in the street, break a toe and end up with a cast on my foot. Awesome!

5) Am spending my birthday alone with my mom and St-Valentine's alone with my dogs. What's wrong with this picture?

6) The plumber is coming over tomorrow morning to check the non-existant hot water pressure in my kitchen. I pray to got he doesn't have "the crack" going on. Eeewww.

Well this seems to have helped... I think.


G'nite, peeps.


Prin said...

#5? What? What's wrong with this picture is a) what the hey; b) there are people all around who would spend both with you (albeit, not the right ones :D); and c) who cares about Valentine's anyway? Seriously.

(hugs) Sleep well. :)

HO said...

#1 -WooHoo!!! I had a dream the other night that I was flying to Montreal to do some shopping, seems as though I missed a great chance!!!

#2-Great idea, but I can't use perfumey things, so not something I will ever do.

#3-Diet, schmiet I say. I have been craving plain potato chips and chocolate all week, so I hear ya!

#4-I procrastinate all the tinme too. I have been meaning to update my iPod for months now...always think I will do it tomorrow...

#5-Who cares about Valentine' and my man always pick a random date sometime after Valentine's anyways, so you can always have your day, just later.

#6-Eww is right. Fingers crossed that you don't have to witness the dreaded "crack" :D

Technodoll said...

OK so nobody's into St-Valentines? But I love that one! Sigh. I must be a hopeless romantic...

Katana said...

oh, i love st valentines day but the hubs will be gone... it's also his birthday the week before. Unfortunately we've NEVER EVER EVER spent one together. We're shooting 0 out 8 V-days since we've known each other. Oh well.
I'm also a hopeless romantic. When he IS hope, i'm gonna make an absolutely HUGE deal.
Sales are fun :-) #1 is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get pass the $178 Jeans that cost you $20!!!!!!!! Where is my lucky luck. Geez!

And as far as V-Day. Bah Humbug! I have a guy right here with me and I still don't celebrate. But there is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic :) I guess someone has to be or the world would be an even more cynical place than it already is.

Technodoll said...

Katana, bleh! That just sucks - is next year the moment this all changes? Romance is great but when it's shared, it's even better!

1218, I know eh? Had eyed those jeans before but could not afford them - ha ha! OK it's not romantic but a girl's gotta take what she can get... Next year my man will be here and all will be fine. Sigh. Just need patience.

Prin said...

btw, I'm a little disappointed in you for only buying two things at that store though. Seriously. Two things. *shakes head* I have so much to teach you. :D

Dolce said...

I will be spending V-day with my puppy too! We can blog all night long and virtually curl each other's hair!