Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anatomy of a half-baked weekend

Saturday a.m.:

Woke up feeling pretty good, then remembered it was my bday. Oh well, they can't all be winners, eh?

Had breakfast, got dressed and decided to take the dogs out for a run in the field cuz the rest of the day was going to be busy. At this point I am still on schedule and pleased with myself.

On the way to the car, the dogs spy a cat and then the day went downhill from there. It took 3 seconds for me to land on my ass on the icy sidewalk and have the leash yanked from my hand - poor old alley cat never knew what hit him :-( No amount of me screaming at the dogs made any difference - they were having a ball playing "chew toy" with the screeching hissing pissing cat, I had to kick it off their heads to get a hold of the beasts to end the carnage.

Cat piss is worse than skunk juice.

I have no idea if the cat survived, what a nightmare. Felt sick all day after that incident - stupid me put the dogs in the car and drove them out to the field anyways, and as I was driving the stench it me. Oh gawd. Now the car was a catpiss bomb :-(

And of course my mom was visiting me, first time in years - nice way to welcome her... "hi mom, here are some nose plugs. Welcome to Montreal".

4 loads of laundry later (and my boots still reek), stinky dogs out on the balcony wondering wtf was happening, frantic house vaccuuming and dusting and tidying up ensued, still needed to take a shower and feed the dogs and get ready to drive to the bus station... STRESS.

Saturday p.m.:

Mom was nice enough to "not notice" the stinky car and doggies... it was a lovely sunny afternoon so after some deep breathing we went shopping (I live in the heart of street boutique land), she helped me pick out a couple of gifts for Vegas and yeah, we had a great time. My mom rocks :-)

Back home for a glass of Pinot Noir while catching up on life and tons of photos, then dinner at the sweet pizzeria next door, back home for jammies and "War Of The Worlds" since she had never seen it... everything was fine until she went to bed and then "the mood" hit me.

Was it the one glass of wine I had 5 hours before?!

I'm not on PMS and there was no reason to feel so suddenly depressed, shitty and missing Vegas to the point of having shaking hands and "can't breathe", tears choking me like a vise... Fucking hell it was insane. Thank god Prin was online, she was my lifeline for some pretty shaky moments... it was too late to call Vegas but what could he have done, anyways? My problem to deal with.

Had a bad short sleep and then it's Sunday a.m.:

Woke up feeling mostly like myself again - or am I faking it?... Had a nice breakfast with mom, got to webcam with Vegas and Farley (how I love her!) and then we set out for a walk with the furries, shopped some more, visited my dogsitter and then had to drive mom back to the bus station: officially, I declare the visit was too short! We must do this again sometime soon, yes? Yes!

Sunday p.m.:

Here I am, after a screaming fit with the dogs AGAIN, only this time they ran away from me in the big field and left me there frozen and with a full bladder, waiting like an idiot for a good 20 minutes until they deemed they had had enough and wanted to go home... until the little one saw a dog across the street and then she not only went deaf, she went STOOPID on me, almost got hit by cars twice and completely ignored me calling her... even worse? The closer I got, the further away she kept running from me INTO THE TRAFFIC.

I gave up, took the big one in the car and drove around to where she had run off, coaxed her back into the car where I whacked the shit out of her, fuck I was mad! She knows damn well to come when I tell her to, WTF?! Argh!

I swear to god... they are *this close* to being dropped off at the S-P-C-A.

*this close*.

My blood pressure is still way through the roof, my throat is raw from the screaming and my nerves are shot. Am exhausted but still need to get the groceries done (mostly meat for the dogs - why do I bother?!), still missing Vegas to the point of wondering if it would be better to cut off all communication for the next month - maybe it would be easier? Cuz this is hell and turning me into a rabid bitch.

You guys tell me - I need all the help I can get before I go mental.

I'm not sure who this person squeezed in my skin is. :-(


Prin said...

Bad weekend, techno. It would be way easier if the only thing on your plate was missing your bint. ;)

It's a lot of stuff to handle. I know- I'm there too, only my doggies aren't all carnivorous like yours are. And I'm not in the city.

Like it or not, the city itself is such a stress, especially lately when the snow removal has been so shit.

We're just in limbo before we can settle into our new lives again. I think this is the hard part.


Anonymous said...

Sorry things are so hard right now. My doggie likes to run for the traffic as well...what is with dogs?

Skryker said...


I'm so sorry your weekend was such a rollercoaster. :(

It will be better. It really will.

Dolce said...

TD, Happy Birthday. I'm sorry your weekend didn't turn out the way you had hoped, but you have a mom than is crazy about you!

Dog will be dogs. One time walking my mom's terrier, Maxey, she wiggled out of her harness and bee-lined across the street to the neighbor's yorkie. The next thing I knew, Maxie was tearing into the yorkie like a stuffed animal. I was horrified. Thank goodness the yorkie was okay, but I nearly had a heart attack.

I don't know why I just told you this, I guess to let you know you're not alone.

Technodoll said...

Prin, huge (( hugs )) for that... in limbo is right on target. The city is a hard place for animals, two or four legged - it's not forever. I want to see the stars you do at night.

PrincessB, if only they would get the concept that cars are big mean beasts that mean business! Argh!

Skryker, it always gets better. Just gotta keep remembering that days are getting longer, spring is on the way, Mondays do pass like bad gas and life is good. I just feel so awful for that cat, is all...

Dolce, these stories DO help! It keeps the furries from being dropped off at the spca from my moving car! Kidding... I love them to death and just hope they know and understand that mommy's nerves are not made of steel...