Monday, January 7, 2008

The Bubblegum Makeover

Since the Diaries are a year old now, it needed a rehaul to reflect 2008 and the new "me"... So please be patient while the work is in progress!

Credit goes to Vegas for making sure the basics all worked (mouah! mouah!), sometimes Blogger goes psycho so that was a bit of a headache. Gaah! But now we can have some fun so please stay tuned for more fabulous Brighton pics tomorrow (took a whackload of excellent ones today) and stories from the heart of awesomeness that is south-east UK.

Just wish this week would last forever. Sigh.


Katana said...

Yay for blog makeovers!!!

Prin said...

Wait... What? We have to "click here for more" now? Too much effort.

*runs and hides from change*

Technodoll said...

Katana, tell me about it LOL! This is just so much more "me", you know?

Prin, you'll get used to it... helps the blog load faster for peeps with slow connections. It's all good :-D

Anonymous said...

Haha....laughing at Prin's comment.

I wish I knew how to do anything to my blog other than add words!! I am blog-beautifying-illiterate. Can I borrow Vegas?

Roshan said...

Love the re-design. Its really good. I love the 3 column style as u can see in my blog as well.