Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy awful weather, batman!!

I just walked the dogs over to the sitter's (he is off today, lucky!) and my pants are soaking, my heart is pounding from near-avoidances with death and I'm scared to go out again. WTF!!

It's pouring rain, crazy winds blowing all over the place so walking is extremely dangerous on the icy wet sidewalks and streets, with cars skidding all over the place and snow melting into giant puddles with icy bottoms - where are the boot chains when you need them? And later the temps go back down to freeze everything into a mega ice rink. Argh!

*sips hot coffee and sighs*

Time to try to get to work... wish me luck. Be careful out there, peeps.


Katana said...

oooo i hate this winter weather. I walked about 200 yards from one building to the other, and my ears went all red, and cold. Hurts like hell.

I want summer here already.

Prin said...

Yeah. Lookin' good out there. :D

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Rain & hot coffee? C`mon, what more do you need? :))

Technodoll said...

Katana, I hate it more! Today was absolutely miserable, it's all the news channels are talking about. Groan.

Prin, you know what I'm talking abooot.

F.Angel, er some sun and warmth maybe? Yeah, that would be nice. Sigh.