Monday, January 14, 2008

Can humans die from bloat?!

I swear to god I am about to burst. It hurts to breath and my back aches from my überstretched belly - I am bloating! Help!

All I had was a bowl of homemade veggie soup (which I had last night without any problems) and a piece of maple cake and not a minute after eating - BAM! Inflated like a party balloon. My lungs are compressed so it's hard to breathe, this shit ain't funny man. Ow ow owww :-(

On the other hand my doggies have been a great mood-booster tonight... I think they needed a couple days rest to get their happy selves back and we all had fun in the blowing snowy field tonight. Yep. Exercise and doggy therapy can kick PMS's ass - hope the bitch stays away. Hiss.

On a more serious topic...

I was a bit mean to Vegas today... didn't mince my words over a thought I had and he didn't deserve that - I feel bad. Sigh. Why is it that you always hurt the ones you love? And yet it's easier to bite back words for an offending stranger? It's so screwy, it does my head in sometimes.

Bleh. Karma came back to bite me in the ass via bloat. Ow ow owww.


Prin said...

I'd hug you but you'd prolly just fert. And nobody wants that. :D

Technodoll said...

Right. Nobody. Am looking for a big needle right now though. Urp.

Skryker said...

Ouch! Sounds awful. Maple and veggies must act together in a bad way or something.

I'll wait on the hugs, too.

*pats on the back*

Smiler said...

I think that happens because we're more comfortable about being ourselves with the ones we love and "ourselves" isn't necessarily always kind and perty and gentle. Right? Also, I know that whenever I'm upset or sad or frazzled it all usually gets expressed as anger. Of course I don't do on purpose but it's as if I always default to anger because I just don't know how to react a lot of times, and that in itself makes me upset so most of the anger I'm expressing is actually intended for me. Sounds convoluted but I get it ;-)

Welcome back and take it all in stride. Know that there'll be rough spots but try to be as kind to yourself as much as possible. No sense in hurting yourself over realities that you can't change right now. That's just a bunch of words. The good news is no matter how miserable we are, the earth keeps spinning anyway. Now that's something to feel happy about :-S

Katana said...

... i'm sorry but your description of being bloate made me think of a monty python sketch where the guy got fatter and fatter and fatter until he combusted. Lol.

PS Dogs make EVERYTHING better.

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Are you a vegetarian? :)

Technodoll said...

Skryker, thanks for the pats... I think they helped :)

Smiler, that actually made sense to me, I think that might be it. Comfort leads to loose tongues... still have to reign it in though, gotta keep the respect level up.

Katana, noooo! I saw that once and nevah again! *faints*

F.Angel, no... the soup had some bacon in it for flavor. Why?