Monday, September 13, 2010

Edit to the below post

After I let some steam off by writing, I went to run some errands. Car gas tank was empty, orange warning light on.

But I had enough to exchange some hardware at the co-op store and in return I got two salt block holders - with salt blocks - for the horse's stalls, the last bag in stock of cracked corn for the chickens, three bags of flock food... and they gave me a free bag because it has been torn open and taped shut (clumsy shipment).

With the hardware credit it cost me $1.68 :-D

Then on my way to the grocery store I hit green lights all the way AND scored the best parking spot near the exit door.

My favorite cookies were on sale :-D

The hens laid more eggs today than they had the past three weeks, the sun came out and warmed everything up, Big Daddy was game for a nice cuddle and our long-lost contractor stopped by for a visit on his way home, we hadn't seen him in ages -

Life balances out.



Busy Bee Suz said...

We live for this balancing act. right????

JeanMarie said...

Ah, don't you love it when the cosmos decides on some instant karma?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well that was all good news.

C said...

that is awesome mon amie... i am so glad to have days like this, and we all deserve them. good pour toi!


Adventures In China said...

Karma is a lovely thing, isn't it? Glad things improved!

Just Plain Tired said...

Any time I hit all green lights I feel like a lottery grand prize winner. ;)