Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All shopped out

Whew. It's fun to shop for stuff to bring back home to spoil the peeps, but after a while it's one big blur and I can't be bothered... I'm just gonna stuff my suitcase with chocolate goodies and hope for the best.

Dunno why I'm so tired... feel like I need a vacation to recuperate from this vacation.


Am not sleeping much, my body's aching from non-exercise (my normal daily routine makes me move alot cuz of the dogs and such) and my brain's been stretched alot lately from intense talks with Vegas well into the middle of the night, when defenses are down and the closet doors unlatch by themselves.

I guess growth does involve some level of mental stretching and leaves you drained before your energy can replete itself. It's comparable to cake being tastier than tofu, so much easier to eat but then it's empty calories and you gain nothing but a fat ass, eh?

Gotta work for the hard stuff... the rewards are pretty awesome though. No more stagnation - this is it, life is *now* and it's grabbing me by the throat in a passionate love bite. Meow!


Prin said...

Non-exercise? I'm so disappointed in you. Have I taught you nothing?! lol

Good for the latches. :) Latches blow. (hugs)

Go to sleep! :)

Katana said...

lol but you sound like you're having so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! BTW you can never go wrong with a ton of chocolates...

Technodoll said...

Prin - Well I tried to sleep but it just won't come. Will have to try the wine therapy tonight cuz am turning into a zombie :-/

Katana - that's what I thought... chockit for everyone, LOL! And yes, I am having loads of fun interspersed with emotional upheavals. S'all good!

Rebecca said...

life grabbing you by the throat in a passionate love bit? Wow, you have quite a way with words! Wonderful imagery.

Technodoll said...

Thanks :-) Sometimes words just create images all by themselves and I just spit them out - specially when they look like olives. Bleh.