Thursday, January 3, 2008

English food is... far frickin' amazing! WTF are these rumours about fish and chips and everything bollocks?

The food stores send me into a happy daze (food is cheap btw) and restos oooh yummay. I do love all the "new stuff" around and Vegas is spoiling me to utter happiness, no complaints here!

We spent a couple hours today walking through the laines and windowshopping and oh, it's all soooo freaking gorgeous! If only it weren't so drizzly humid gray cold I could have brought my camera... supposed to be nicer tomorrow so we'll visit Devil's Dyke after my birthday present of "Spa treatment and massage" and then maybe do the laines again soon.

I am not leaving without photos, LOL!

Yesterday I met his family, including his amazing daughter... yes, I am in love. Sigh. We changed some plans for next week so that we can see her again *yay*! I promised to be back and I will. Next week is London and some other sights and wow, this vacation is going way too fast...

Thought England was crap from all the bad press and am now very sorry I listened to anyone. Pfft. Hope nobody else makes the same mistake.

Is it OK if I don't miss home?


Anonymous said...

Glad you're having such a good time! What a fantastic way to start off the new year!

rs27 said...

Have you bought any toblerone or ridden a double decker bus?

This is all I know about England.

Oh and it rains too.

Chicago Sheri said...

Spa birthday!! PERFECT!

Katana said...

yes, its official. I'm turning green with envy.

Dolce said...

England sounds AMAZING!!! I'm totally surprised by the food. They haven't offered you jellied eel yet?

Maybe that's an Irish thing...the food in Ireland really does suck though. I starved there for 2 weeks.

Glad you're having a blast!!!

Prin said...

Dolce is right about Ireland... Best potatoes ever though. :D

You do miss home. How could you not? It was -35 with the wind today.

Glad you're good. :D

Rebecca said...

English chocolate is bliss. And Canadian for that matter. Basically US chocolate sucks. Ditto glad you're having a great time! Can't wait to read more about your trip.

Dolce said...

Prin: You are so right about the potatoes, but NEVER try the blood sausage.

Technodoll said...

Martini - this is our year and yes, it is off with a blast! How was your trip to Vegas?? (or rather, I'll go read your blog LOL)

rs, Toblerone is everywhere so no, and no bus rides either but I will take photos, and yes there is rain but it's better than a blizzard, LOL!

Chicago, I am still drunk from the spa treatment and massage - holy cow am I ever spoiled! *grin*

Katana, sometimes I have to pinch myself cuz it feels like some giant dream. Sigh. Next year is YOUR year, just you wait and see!

Dolce, ha ha! I am actually in a "high class bubble" here so the crappy food is up north and stuff, so I guess I can't make a sweeping statement about the food except for Brighton. Even the frozen pizzas are to die for, LOL!

Prin, I am keeping track of the weather don't you worry! And laughing my ass off... so mild here it's quite green. Pics forthcoming!

Rebecca, chocolate is next to godly food... after Tuaca and salt n'vinegar chips, LOL!

Vegas remarks: it's not blood sausage it's black pudding and it's good! I just shook my head in disgust: nevah! tsk.

joen05 said...

Hey that's awesome! I wish I had a chance to travel overseas.. though I am hoping to go on a cruise soon.

Prin said...

Black pudding is THE worst. Second only maybe to white pudding.

I have a pic of graffiti on a wall that says, "Anybody can make a bomb, but it takes skill to make black pudding." lol

No thanks.

In Ireland they actually had black and white pudding PIZZA. Gah-roooossss. :D

Katana said...

lol, yes it might be, but I'm not going anywhere as fabulous as England! Actually, I'm just staying in my own house with my two dogs +1 big kid (the one I married).