Sunday, January 20, 2008


So what if it's effing cold out... the sun is shining, the sky is a raging neon blue, there is no wind and white snow everywhere just enhances the light effect, so were sunglasses or go blind!

Just got back from a ramble on the mountain with the kiddos, now they're snoring on the floor as I relax into "Sunday cooking mode" and shop online for a new cellphone... Gonna get that done this week, don't I deserve a little bday present to myself? I thought so :-)

Yum. Smells so good in here, says the Queen of Soup Broths - droool. Making a simple veggie soup for evening meals and a spicy sausage, spinach and rice casserole for work lunches. Round that out with lots of fruit and raw veggie snacks and health is taken care of - oh no worries, it's all balanced out with chocolate, moua ha ha ha!

In fact... I'm not one to wait so I may just hop down to the cellphone store and check things out. Life is short! Shiny new things are good! Special promo offer expires soon so get crackin'! Etc, etc.

Sigh. I miss my man terribly. Days like this should be shared and the next 5 long weeks just loom ahead like a dark cloud - will we survive? Will I go crazy? *mutter mutter*

Kay I need a change of place and a change of air before I get stoopid. Deeeep breath. Life is good. Life is awesome. Vegas is awesome. Vegas is my life.

I smile :-)


Prin said...

I was all for it until the second to last line. Hmm. I worry.

*eats more chocolate*

I don't know where you were where there was no wind, because everywhere I've been today has been deadly.

Oh, and you're already crazy, so you have nowhere to "go". :D

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Chocolate is the best!....
I SO hate being on a diet!

Technodoll said...

No need to worry Prin... all is good. Just have moments of "ugh I miss him" and then it's ok again. I be tough girl!

F.Angel, diet = die with a T. No thanks!

Katana said...

chocolate is the greatest!!!! Unfortunately I'm dieting for the husband's upcoming return... Wanna look sexi and all.

Anonymous said...

Fruits, and Veggies, and Healthy oh my! Phew, you had me worried there, but then I saw chocolate. That a girl!

Technodoll said...

Katana - what?! Quit that! You're a perfect hottie as it is! *waves rolling pin*

1218, I'll cut off an arm before I stop eating chocolate (well, not really but you know what I mean, LOL)!