Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blogger is driving me crazy!

Is it just me, or has Blogger been acting up lately? And not just a little bit, either, I'm talking full-out crashings and hang-ups and errors and ARGH!!! Makes my blood pressure boil!

*meditates for 0.5 seconds*

So guess what I woke up to this morning, yet again. Yep - the big bonehead dog was sick on the kitchen floor (think: butt explosions in the middle of the night), how lovely is the smell of dog sh*t when you're trying to make breakfast? Too cold outside to open up the windows after cleaning, so the stench is there for a while.

Not to mention the mad dash outside 30 seconds after I woke up, fack it's cold when you're still sleepy - ice everywhere and I almost landed on my ass a couple of times. Just happy I moved out of the way when butt explosion #2 hit the dog. Ugh.

Funny how the little one recuperates in 6 hours after an upset tummy while the big one takes 4 to 5 days. Poor fella had no dinner last night and this morning he sulked cuz his breakfast consisted of two immodiums. Just goes to show that paying big money for a dog is no guarantee of perfect health, eh?

I love big dogs, the bigger the better. But... when they are sick... OMG you small dog owners are so lucky!

Big storm brewing for tomorrow, Prin I hope you'll make it out to the airport OK and that the flight takes off. Crossing fingers and toes for you. If not, you better have bought insurance on your ticket!


Prin said...

Ewww... Poor doggy. :(

Yeah, blogger's being an ass today.

Jessica Maceda said...

Hope it's a butt explosion-less night and morning for you.........:)

Prin said...

Yeah, your blog is buggered. I was on my blog before and the url in the addy bar was yours. lol

Technodoll said...

Prin, it's apparently wide-spread now eh? blogger better get the handyman at work, we're getting pissed here!

Oh wait... you get what you pay for I guess. Damn.

Jessica, woohoo! the dog tummy is back to normal and I don't have to wear a gas mask anymore! *grin*