Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brighton pier

My god!! The psychotic English weather was something to behold yesterday, LOL!

Sun, then whoosh! Shitty cold rain! Then sun again, hah! Just teasing, more rain... then winds to make Mary Poppins orgasm but at least the clouds couldn't compete and we had the Brighton pier to ourselves, shared with a cloud of starlings, seagulls and the salty sea air. Just gorgeous.

Ourselves = me, Vegas, his friend L and her new man from Oregon. Pics below taken after our crappy Italian lunch (first bad food I've had so far) but we had a ball anyways. w00t!

(click on the pics for bigger images)


Prin said...

C'est cool. :)

Z28gurl said...

Holy crap... it only took me almost 5 mintues to figure out how to comment, but all is good now.
Love the pics!!! I so wish i was somewhere as beautiful.

Still adjusting to the changes of the blog, came as a shock when i opened it, but happy anniversary BGD's!!!!

rs27 said...

Who's Edward Roland?

Smiler said...

I'm happy you're having such a nice time. You deserve it. And your blog is looking great btw.

Roshan said...

Nice pics. Looks like a great place to visit. Hope u have a great time.

Technodoll said...

Prin, thanks - it's a glimpse but it gives you an idea of the awesomeness :-)

z28gurl, yeah it's same old blog but more "me" now... sorry you had trouble with the comment posting though. It does work the same way as on the old blog, no?

rs, who? what? where!

Smiler, great doesn't even begin to describe it... and the blog credit goes to Vegas, he really pinned down how I wanted it :-)

Roshan, thank you! It's a slice of heaven here and going home on Saturday will suck ass. Sigh :-(