Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Novel-ty meme

Fallen Angel has tagged me for a most wonderful meme of sorts...

1. get the nearest book
2. open it to page 123
3. find the fifth sentence
4. post on the blog the following 4 sentences
5. do not search on the bookshelf for a book that would make you look smart :)
6. pass this on to 6 other friends

At the moment I am devouring "The Game" by Neil Strauss (every woman should read this, IMO... to spot and deflect manipulating Pick Up Artists, among other things). Following the meme rules we get:

People were curious to meet Mystery's new wing - or, in Ross's case, to own him. I stared at the thin black headset coiling around his face like a spider. "Something like that," I said. That was not enough for him. "Who is your guru?" he asked.

(I cheated a bit and added 5 sentences cuz it didn't make much sense...) Strange that page 123 doesn't reflect what the book is about. I'll bet the PUAs of the world are glad about that, hehe. Not that they are reading my blog or anything. Oh well.

I don't really like tagging any specific peeps so if you're interested in replicating this little experiment on your blog... be my guest and let me know so I can read what you came up with!


Prin said...

Cool meme. I'm going to come across as a giant nerd when I get home and do it though. I know the book on top is an anthology of Victorian literature. :D

Skryker said...

LOL! I saw "grab the nearest book" and just had to laugh! Which one? I've got about 100 in arm's reach.

rs27 said...

Please tell me you're not really reading that book.

My secrets have been revealed! AHHHHH!

Technodoll said...

Prin, maybe you can knock the stack of books down "accidentally"... he he!

Skryker, well close your eyes and just pick one - it'll all be good!

rs, not only am I reading "The Bible", I'm actually memorizing its contents to smack pickupidiots in the face with! powah!

Prin said...

Why would I do that? I don't want a hole in my floor the size of a 4000 page anthology. :D

Plus, I like it. :D

You don't have to read, Techno, I can tell you all of rs's tricks. I know 'em all. :D

Prin said...

Ooo, I just looked it up. It's a good one. :D *runs to post*

Technodoll said...

so rs is a master PUA in disguise?! Hmmmmm!

SG said...

I don't have my own blog, and having just done this meme I'm not sure you'll want to put this on yours either, but it's up to you!

"Nevertheless, this is greatly preferable to indiscriminate ejaculation of the fluid. The External Locking very appreciably improves strength and virility. It is an excellent beginner's method and prelude to Internal Locking. Massage the perineum afterwards."

Technodoll said...

SG - I need to know which book this was from!!

SG said...

lol! Maybe I'll show it to you next time you're in Brighton. The book I mean! x