Friday, January 18, 2008

What are Fridays for?

Fridays are for contemplating all the possibilities the weekend ahead offers... such as sleeping in, lazy TV shows, catching up with friends and mmm perhaps cooking up a batch of yummy winter stew for the week...

It's supposed to drop to siberian freezing temps so no bathing the dogs - yyaaayy! I just got myself out of that chore LOL! Awesome.

Vegas has "the man cold" which, according to folklore, is the equivalent of being pregnant with triplets whilst suffering both tuberculosis and ebola trapped in a bubble of sewage water. Sometimes I'm quite happy being on the other side of the Atlantic... *whistles and looks away*

Kidding. I wish I were there to nurse him back to health. Sigh. Hate feeling so helpless while my loved one suffers.

Some good news though: my ex is in love! w00t! Am so happy we can share these moments of triumph and still remain good friends after all we've been through, would have been a shame to throw those 5 years away - we didn't split up because of a hurtful event, betrayal or anger and I think that is what makes the difference... we both wanted out because our life goals were so different.

Now he's back in Australia, has met a wonderful woman and his future looks very bright with her in the picture; I can only wish them the best of luck. Everyone deserves Love - and it's OK to hold out until the right one comes along.

Lord knows I couldn't be a happier woman in that regard... Vegas is everything I could have ever dreamt for (except when under the influence of evil Night Nurse) and we are working for a brilliant life together - it's already here despite bitching and moaning about the long weeks between visits. It just makes the sex all that hotter when we do meet up - he he!

Am starting car shopping... has anyone heard of lower car prices for Canadians, cuz of our strong dollar? Is this real or just a myth?


Skryker said...

I've heard about dealers giving incentives to balance out the difference, yeah. It's the companies that are already struggling that are giving the best ones, though.

Cheaper prices on crappy cars! Oh, boy!

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Fridays are for staring at the clock from the first minute you get to the office. Like I did today. Seemed like the day would never end....

rs27 said...

You guys have sex?

Ew, gross.

Just teasin' :)

Dolce said...

Fridays are for cramming all the things you were supposed to do at work and neglected because you were too busy blogging. Ah, damn. Is that just me?

Technodoll said...

Skryker, so this would only apply to the crappy cars? Such as? Am really curious!

F.Angel... yeah. What is it with clocks made of molasses - sigh!

rs, I could see you the DVD but I don't think you could handle it. reeerr! :-D

Dolce, nope not just you... got disciplined yesterday but damn it was hard. Today is another story, he he!

Prin said...

New car? Mais non! Buy a used one! 1/3 off the minute they leave the lot.

Used cars are definitely cheaper here than the states. I checked. Tsk. But new cars there are cheaper, but there are a ton of restrictions on Canajuns now.

Yey for the ex being in love. :) I'm happy for him.

TeriM said...

I bought my truck from the states. Decided what I wanted (2007 Nissan Frontier, less than 30,0000 km) told the broker guy I used and voila, bought it at auction and was driving it 10 days later. Saved me approx $4,000 versus buying the same used vehicle up here. Also, because it is not brand new then the "restrictions" don't matter.
Have fun shopping!

Katana said...

man-cold...HAHAHA yeah my hubs gets those a lot. Leaves him bed-ridden for daaaaaays.

Technodoll said...

Not buying a new car, unless I win the lottery :-D

Was just curious about these "cash back" offers rolling around cuz of the canadian buck standing on its own four legs... still not worth it IMO.

Katana - did you check the link that invicible yang posted in his comment to "not enough hours in the day"? Hilarious!