Sunday, January 13, 2008

Screaming sardines in the sky

Did I ever mention how much I fucking hate flying in those cramped tin cans full of coughing, snotty screaming kids? No? Well, now you know.

(My view from the Heathrow lounge)

The flight over 7 hours long and I felt every damn minute... watched "Atonement" and cried 3 times, add that to the tears spilt after kissing Vegas goodbye and then another round of tears while waiting over an hour for my luggage, and you have one very flat, dejected and PMSsy girl. Bad combo.

Luckily my friend managed to get my car and come pick me up at the airport, paitently waiting for over an hour for me to be burped through the congested crowd - have never seen my airport so full before, wtf? It's not a holiday or anything!

Got home, and she convinced me I needed to get out of the empty appartment and into a diner for comfort food - and she was right. Mmmm smoked meat and fries: yeah!!

I crashed late but at least I slept... it's a cold sunny morning, the suitcases have been emptied and my belly been filled with breakfast, need to go pick up the kids now and get life back to its routine. I figure if I keep myself busy today I won't break down too much pining for Vegas. I hope I figure right.

Love is a bitch but you hug her anyways.


anuday said...

Glad you had a good time though. I head back tomorrow and it seems I will be exchanging rain for snow in New York.
Going back to work is not always easy after a break.

Katana said...

when jon and i had our first date in korea, I felt roughly the same way when i left. Except I cried over Failure to launch... talk about cheesy. hang in there!!

Prin said...

Ah, Heathrow. *stares at the wall blank with nostalgia* I almost got deported from there once. Good times.

I hope you're ok today. You can come over and make out with me if you want. :D

Technodoll said...

Anuday, tell me about it... coming home was as pleasant as swallowing a raw egg and liver smoothie. Hope your return is more pleasant than mine, LOL! the UK rocks!

Katana, cheese is good. Love is good. Departures are not good - hence we cry in our cheese sammiches. Sigh.

Prin, I wanna hear that story! And I would kissy but my man says the lips belong to him... I cheat and put them on chocklit though. He he.

Prin said...

Ok, I'm bored, so you get the story. I'll make it undies.. uh.. I mean brief. :D

I was working in Ireland for 6 months, and I got a trip home a month. Of course, I had to bring my laptop home with me to unload the files at the Montreal office. So here I was a little girly going through customs over and over, *stamp stamp stamp* in my passport...

Sometime in March, I think, long into my Irish stay, I was heading back to Ireland after a week of snowboarding in Banff. The customs lady looked at me, looked at my laptop, looked at me again. "Why are you going to Ireland?" she asked. "I'm going to visit an exchange student we had over a while back," I replied. Which was true, because I was going to Belfast the next weekend to hang out with said exchange student...

Anyhoo, she looked me up and down again and said, "I don't buy your story. I'll let you go through but if you don't leave Ireland within 48 hours, you'll be deported." Then she stamped this big nasty ugly stamp in my passport that took up a whole page.

When I got to Ireland, as usual, I was the only one in line for customs. "Do you have enough money to support yourself?" the Irish guy said. "Yes." "Alrighty then," he declared as he stamped me into the country.

Somebody I know knew a cop who vouched for me and Mr Copman got me a visa. That day. Awesome. :)

I prolly shoulda blogged this instead of blogging in your comments. lol