Friday, January 25, 2008

So. How does it feel?

How does it feel to be "a year older", Technodoll?

Well frankly my dear... I don't give a damn!

I don't feel any different and I won't act any different... this refusal to grow old has anchored itself in my soul ages ago and even if the calendar taunts me with "numbers" - well screw that, I ain't lookin' ;-)

This is me testing my new camera phone yesterday, mentally cursing turning 38 and wishing it was all a bad dream (I don't like posting pics of myself so this photo will probs not be up here long):

Anyways. Life is what it is, a symphony of contradictions at this point... days! go by faster cuz I really need to be with Vegas now! days! stop flying by so fast, there is too much living to do and I'm not ready to die!

Yes, I have voices in my head: I've named them uncle jo and aunt matilda.

*munches more ginger snaps*

Um, what else... bought some lovely pyjama bottoms and underwear today (when my favorite local lingerie boutique has a 60% off everything sale, you bet I'm shopping), oh and some chocolate too. Must never forget the essentials - right, Prin? *wink*

Sigh. Off to bed soon, just updating my videos (left-hand side of the blog... does anyone even notice these things? LOL!) and tomorrow morning will be a mad scramble to get all the cleaning up done before my mom arrives, of course I was a lazy ass tonight and did nothing.

Oh well. It's my birthday and I'll procrastinate if I want to!

Cheerios, peeps.


~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Happy Birthday, Doll! :))

Roshan said...

Happy Birth Day to my dear Technodoll.

P.S :- Don't be so grumpy and moody about turning 38.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I look at the videos, btw!

Kudos on pjs. I love them. Would live in pjs if I could. I think that's why I'm a nurse...scrubs are like pjs. :)

anuday said...


Prin said...

Happy Birthday Tway! I hope you have a good one. It's a gohjus day outside. :)

Z28gurl said...

Happy Birthday TD! Hope you have a great day and I love your attitude towards age, I really need to adopt it.

Katana said...

happy birthday! you are absolutely gorgeous btw!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Don't you know 38 is the new 28!

Technodoll said...

Everyone... a heartfelt THANK YOU for the sweet wishes - made me smile through these hours, am now sitting here swallowing back tears cuz I miss Vegas so much I am falling apart.

I thought I would be a bit stronger and wiser but no... same old moi. Sigh.

Back to blogland tomorrow.

Prin said...


Jessica Maceda said...

You definitely don't look like a 38 year old!!
Happy, happy......Birthday!

*I have discovered your blog through Rebecca's "Stuff I Love"*

Technodoll said...

Again... from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all the wishes and waves - from the green canadian garden ;-)

Deutlich said...

Happy belated birthday!!