Friday, January 11, 2008

Last vacation day... sigh

I'm not sure how time managed to fly by so fast but meh... last evening here with Vegas and I'm feeling pretty blue. Next time we'll see each other will probably be mid-Feb, not such a huge stretch if you look at the big picture - but who's looking at that? *mega sigh*

Am happy to have met all his friends, to have experienced the famous shite bipolar weather, tasted cornish pasties and good wine and Vegas' awesome spicy pork, lime and coriander patties, to have admired the starlings on the pier and breathed in the cold damp salty sea air and toasted shotglasses of tuaca...

But best of all, I am grateful to have spent almost two weeks with the love of my life, snuggling and laughing and watching movies eating amazing chocolate and just feeling alive.

That was the logical and nice me.

The illogical and bitchy kid me says waaaah! I fucking don't want to go home, back to snow and cold and work and dog-care routine! I like being lazy and getting up late and smelling my sweet man whenever the hell I feel like it! *stomps foot*

Deep breath. And another one.

\end of rant\

Hope the long flight home doesn't infect me with any bugs and that my luggage makes it across the ocean, hope nobody broke into my place while I was gone and that my doggies are ok and my plants not all dried up and dead. The rest will be dealt with one thing at a time.

One day at a time.


Dolce said...

You've been on vacation forever! So that's how Canadians roll. I'm crossing the boarder.

Technodoll said...

He he! Now you know the secret to our mental health... it ain't all about ze maple syrup! LOL!

Prin said...

You know, doggies are only as high maintenance as you allow... I'm just sayin'. :D

Just sucks that you come home to muck though. Do you have a ride home from the airport?

Katana said...

aww sorry hon! Glad you had such a good time though!

Technodoll said...

Prin, this was my first vacation without the doggies and yes, I have realised that they can (and should!) be put on the back shelf once in a while... there is more to life than dog care. w00t! I have learned a lesson here :-)

Katana, at least I have the blog world to fall back upon, right? Sigh.

Technodoll said...

oops Prin, yes I'm supposed to have a ride but will only know once I get off the plane... crossing fingers my friend pulls off the car heist, LOL! But you'll still need to come by at some point to get your yorkies... hehe :-)