Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A moving post

I mean moving pictures! LOL

After weeks of wrestling with upload frustrations, Vegas finally figured out what the bug was (laptop über-security) and now success! I can share a few videos of Big Daddy with y'all :-)
Taken this grey morning, the "happy run" -
when both boys are released from their night pasture into the day one:

In case you wonder, horses spend most of the night eating and most of the day resting, so we put them in the food-rich pasture at night. They prefer to go hungry and stay in their beloved shelter about 20 hours a day, even if they have access to all the greens they want a few steps away - silly boys! So yeah, we have to monitor them. Big babies!

This is their shelter:

We're renting a Kubota (little farm tractor) in a couple of weeks to clean out the accumulation of poop, because despite having access to many acres they prefer to use this place as their loo!

And finally another video taken this morning
of our cuddly melon-head - he he:

His only issue, really, is that he is very protective of me and doesn't like it when Black, my friend's horse, comes to me for a treat or a cuddle. Is this strange?

This weekend Black's owner and I are finally attacking his mane and tail, there are some fierce knots and dreadlocks in there that have to be cut out and everything needs deep conditioning and lots of brushing. We can only do this once he's in his box and since I've been alone the past 12 days caring for both horses, it hasn't been possible to move them to the stables.

All in good time, baby steps.

Life is good :-)

/end of Happy Horsin' Around post/


Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Did you know horses frighten me? Yep. Got thrown off once. Got back on an old work horse named Amos to try and conquer my fear. I admire them, from a distance. Can't imagine having something so large. I admire you for caring for them. : -)

Anke said...

You are wonderful with them!

Piper said...

He is beautiful! I love horses and wish I could have a farm, but the city is no place for lots of animals!

Busy Bee Suz said...

they are both so beautiful. Love seeing them in motion. I can see why Big Daddy is protective of you, you saved him. You are his Mama!!!

ModernMom said...

Gorgeous and beautiful and HUGE! I can never get over how big horses are! Fab video my friend:)

Janean said...

amazing and beautiful!!!

i adore the sound of horse's hooves on dirt...don't know why, but i do!

Adventures In China said...

I love watching them, what majestic animals. I'm just furious that people mistreat them. You are good people for what you're doing.

I read your other post about the plants. I love repotting plants, so jealous! That was always one of my favorite saturday activities.

Kathryn said...

They are beautiful, A!! Love the videos.

And, sorry to be so slack on commenting on your actual blog - work has been locking down on personal internet use. :o(

C said...

beauty, pure beauty. i love him. and its easy to see he adores his mama- you. it didnt take him long to attach to you. they know a good soul when they smell one... lol. but true tho.

you asked if my leg hurts.. yes it does where its purple, but also if i step just off a bit i have that charlie horse pain shoot up my leg and that really hurts. i have been icing it and taking ibuprofen and percocet... oh yeah baby, gimme me percs...

thanks for worrying and for asking... you are so sweet.

prin said...

I've never seen a horsie drink before. :D

Can you discipline a horse? I'm thinking if he was a dog and showed that possessiveness, you'd want to train it out asap...

Just Breathe said...

He is so sweet, those are great videos.