Thursday, August 2, 2007

The heat is ON!

Feels like a Florida oven and it's barely noon... thank the lord the furkids are at the sitters all day, he has A/C in his appartment so they won't get a heat stroke. It's the humidity and smog that just makes it sooo hard, ya know? You sweat, it just runs down your body cuz it can't evaporate and it's frickin' miserable!! Says the girl who is writing from an air-conditioned office (rolls eyes).

So the madness has abated a bit... a few peeps have already left for San Diego, the clock is ticking and I'm off early tomorrow morning, whooo! Almost all packed and ready to go... just not mentally ready yet. I know BF will take extra-good care of the kids and he'll be too busy to miss me, but still... I never like leaving, although I'm pretty much OK once I'm there.

I'll try to keep a bit of blog going on but don't expect too much!


matt said...

Will you take a picture of something interesting in San Deigo for me? Thanks

Technodoll said...

I'll come back with a truckload of photos... bringing my Nikon and plan on having a few inspirational moments, in the madness sandwich!

Prin said...

Will you bring me back a Chanel handbag?


Alright!!! WOO!!