Saturday, August 4, 2007


Got to Los Angeles at lunchtime yesterday, it was a very easy and smooth travel from start to finish - looove those airbus planes where you have your own little screen and can choose your movies - watched Shrek 3 (loved it!) and Spiderman 3 - IMO the best one yet, I laughed my ass off! Expect cheese and you'll get it, cool FX and a great story. He he. I want to see it again!

LA was hot, humid and smoggy but whatcha gonna do. Not much ever changes in Venice & Santa Monica, smells just like I remembered it... Ate at the Rose Cafe, hung out at our office, then the Urth Cafe, then after a few pitstops we drove down to San Diego in two hours - not much traffice after 9pm. Was beyond exhausted at that point cuz had been up for almost 48 hours, crashed but took forever to fall asleep even if the hotel bed is very comfy.

So here I am, zonked and jetlagged and feeling a bit lost, but things are running fairly smoothly and we're on schedule for almost everything (a friggin' miracle). Going shopping soon for a few items, cleaning up meeting schedules, then tomorrow the madness starts - everyone is arriving today so no bumming around! I should take out my camera and start shooting pics... too many palm trees and exotic blooms to count, 'tis beautiful. Oh man, what I would do for a nap right now...

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Prin said...

Yey! You survived! :) I still haven't seen Shrek 3..

Good luck for the rest of it. Stay safe. :)