Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your pet trick of the day

There's this commercial playing on TV these days for I-forget-what but I do remember there's a dog in it doing amazing back flips. Vegas said it wasn't real, it was digital - but I had seen this crazy stuff before and knew it was!
Youtube has tons of crazy examples,
this poodle is one of my faves:

I mean come ON!
That's just NUTS!

My dogs, in contrast, are giant sleeping blocks of lard. They make great cushions (and can fill cushions from a week's shedding), one is an OK sound alarm while the other is useless, and I suppose they'd eliminate the town's stray cat problem if we let them. They're awesome for us and our lifestyle, what can I say?

At least they're smarter than monkeys:

I hate monkeys.
And clowns.

Today is soggy and depressing. I have to drive to the city to drop off a rooster - the lady who's buying him is meeting me half-way, he's going to a very good home so it's worth the drive - and then meeting one of my long-lost girlie-girls for lunch at her place. At least that's one bright light in this otherwise dreary day.

Hoping your day is filled with cookies and rum-soaked stockings!

/end of Rainy Tuesday post/


Just Breathe said...

I have never seen a dog do that!
Lunch sounds like fun, enjoy.

Anke said...

That dog is amazing! Not really a poodle person, but that was awesome. Our lab mix doesn't do much (loves to nap) but our border collie will chase ceiling fans for hours. She even jumped up and touched one before, guess that's a trick of some sort... Wet and depressing there? It's about 100 again here and nobody wants to go outside...

jo.irish.rose said...

techno, i know that commercial! it is for air freshener that plugs in the wall, tres corny, n'est pas? oui... anyhoo, i am wishing we had a gloomy day, somehow i feel more productive on those kind of days. it is cooler, the sun is not glaring at me, (i get migraines when in bright light for a long time) but we live near the ocean, so it has been hot, hot and steamy, so a nice rain would do us good. can anyone say hurricaine? lol i know....sick...but i love a good storm, just like my sister, C, as long as no one is hurt or anything is damaged....i just love the sound of it, and the coolness that comes after, the smells, the freshness, the cleansing, well....i hope you have a good rain, and maybe you can come visit the heat and beach sometime, eh? vous etes bienvunus! Jo

jaxjilmommy said...

cool puppy trick!!! I don't mind monkeys or clowns, but I am not a fan of spiders, geeeee

Roshan said...

Dogs can be funny creatures and I love the comments about your big doggies.