Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project mayhem

You can't say I'm not trying!

Someday I'll look back at this part of my life and laugh...


Cuz right now I feel more like crying and hiding in a cave, oooo a nice nap would be lovely... and a two-hour massage...

Sigh. As if.

No, I'm stuck in the middle of a mess I created with grandiose ideas of turning this house into a home, only I hadn't thought out all the details first.

Such as: book painters in advance and not try to find help in the middle of a botched job with a short deadline looming ahead. Can you believe every single painter/contractor in the Yellow Pages is booked until next week, even for an estimate?


I don't have any choice but to plow ahead and do the best I can with what I have, eh...

Here's a (bad) pic of what four long hours of applying primer to walls looks like - notice the piles of furniture in the middle of the room, the bare windows... We've been living like this for a week now! Enough already!
Oh, and this fugly couch is being relegated to the basement
as soon as we find a replacement!
Hopefully before the end of the month :-)

What you don't see is that this room is 30' x 18' -
that's a lot of wall to paint, not to mention the tedious trims!
I'm up and down on a chair every minute or so,
using small roller, large roller, trim tool and angled brush-
what a flippin' nightmare!

Anyhoo. Primer is done, albeit badly. I dribbled on the baseboards and missed wall spots - and let's not talk about ceiling borders and wall corners, those are... um... sad. I can see the old paint peeking out from everywhere. Thank goodness we have laminate flooring, or else all the paint splatters on it would have cost a fortune to remove... :-/

Now, here are the new paint samples applied on the primer,
two coats each - oh, the dilemma!
I love them all...
But we need to chose only two!

The real colors are much paler and
warmer/brighter than on this photo.

I think we'll go for the two paler colors, the ones on each end. This is a huge room with lots of light and anything dark would just bring it down, perhaps... Just waiting for Vegas to come home so he can give me his input.

Am I a good wife or what?

Even if I'm a shoddy, impatient painter.

Right, I have to go crunch some painkillers now and walk the dogs, they've been so sweet and patient today - it's like they know mommy's having a meltdown! Awe :-)

More news laters... alligators.

/end of Can't Rock At Everything post/


Lola Smiles said...

I like colours # 2 & 3.
I painted my place back in May. HELL!!! but it looks so much better- and I'm still NOT finished so don't feel so bad (trimming and patching up to do) WIll start up again this fall.

it's a yucky job but worth it.think of the $$ you're saving not having someone else do it!

it'll look great!

prin said...

I vote green and beige. The blue will be too cold on a larger scale.

I hate painting. :D But they say I'm good at it (which makes it worse). :D

Goo'luck, you.

prin said...

p.s. I love your couch! What the hey. It totally doesn't look like it does in the pic in real life. :/

myself said...

yes yes I'm with Prin green & beige green & beige!!!! yesss! because blue is a very cold color....jmho

Kathryn said...

I would definitely go with 1 and 3. If you have a lot of natural light in the room, then #1 will work the best. We have a pale type blue in our "dining" room where there is a lot of natural light and it's great. Even at night when it's dark it doesn't feel or look incredibly dark. I think #2 runs the risk of looking dark and gloomy. As for the primer, if you can muster one more coat, then you won't see the old color seep through.

I feel your pain . . . I waited over a year before I started painting in my place. And picking colors was a nightmare. Picking colors that complemented, wouldn't bring darkness, etc. *sigh* The nursery was a challenge, but came out well with a moderate brown and light blue. Now if only I could muster the oomph to just get curtains.

Creating a home isn't as easy as we think it is. Chin up - you're doing great!

Busy Bee Suz said...

all three are great, but I agree, #2 might be too much for such a large room.
I know this is a pain, and so much work. BUT when you are done, wow, it will be gorgeous and you will be HAPPY. :)
Good luck!!

Anke said...

I like the two on the outside as well. The green is a tad much for my taste... Painting might suck right now, but it'll be so worth it when you are done.

JeanMarie said...

What do each of the colors look like in relation to your sofa color? What about the color of your floor?

I hate painting, too. I have found the best way to get it done is to do it when the spirit moves me. That said, I need to finish painting the kitchen. I wallpapered part of it & that was the pits!

Just Breathe said...

Way to go, that is a big room. I like all three colors, great choices.

Adventures In China said...

You are a true renaissance woman! I am amazed at all you do for your home and animals and loved ones. Wow, if teach a class, please tell me, I need to come and learn!

I love all of them too. I am partial to warm colors so I'd also choose the green and beige, but I am biased against blue. I look sickly in blue.