Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, brother

Second post today, as I had to scrap the first one below.

There was no painting.

Well, there was some painting, some shaky hands, lots of paper towels, cuss words and the beginning of tears as the paint color took form on half a small wall.



I threw in the towel right then and there, literally. Fuck this, what a giant waste of time. I hate painting. I suck at it. I need to get professional painters in here, I can't do this. There are just too many huge walls to paint, it's going to kill me and look like shit after I'm done anyways.

I vented. I stomped. I fumed.

My friend came in to check things out as I wanted her opinion and yep, I'm not crazy: the mocha paint in the can is the exact same as the paint swatch only it magically turned a pink hue once applied and dried on the walls. Super weird.

And even if the color had been the same once applied it still doesn't work in this space, not one bit. Clashes with everything.

What the heck was I thinking??


I felt like a failure, everything I touched went arse up.

I started a pot of tea and splashed my arm with boiling water. Spilled sugar all over the counter. While packing up a carton of eggs for my friend I dropped and broke two. Missed the trash can so had to clean a mess on the floor.

At one point it just got funny...

I mean, you can only fail so much, right?

My day just vanished in a cloud of yuck.

End of afternoon I decided to spend a bit of time in the stables working on securing Big Daddy's box and actually got a decent piece of work done. Then I took a good hard look at all the renos that I wanted to get done in there before November, checked that against my super meager budget and came up with inventive solutions that saves a ton of money on both supplies and labor, since I can do most of it myself.

I took the dogs for a walk, made them a nice dinner and set about planning a return to normalcy.

I can paint this damn room.

I will paint this damn room!

Inspired by this site and encouraged by my mom and my super-awesome hubby Vegas, I'm ready to try again. Face it, we don't have money to hire professional painters right now and I'm too proud to admit defeat! It's only one giant room, I can do it.

So tomorrow I'm heading to the store to get a vital piece of painting equipment that will allow me to do straight ceiling edges, I'll buckle down and use painter's tape for the trims (sigh) and, most importantly, I need to bring home some samples to paint on the walls so we can see if the colors actually work or not in this cavernous space.

Whodathunk it would be so complicated?

Jeez Louise!

(although I don't know any Louises)

Now, I'm off to paint my hair cuz tomorrow is another day and it's not going to involve any shades of grey, enough already.


/end of Pity Party Is Over post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you. ;)
You crack me up!
Paint color choices are a big deal....you have to pick the right one, or else....
sleep well. Suz

C said...

yes you WILL do it. just focus on one area at a time and it wont sem so overwhelming. also, sometimes you have to paint more than one coat to match the swatches...

good luck and have fun...

prin said...

And an angled brush! Get a really good 2.5 inch angled brush!

And YEY!!! I'm actually proud of you. I say "actually" because normally being proud of somebody seems so patronizing, but no, I really am. You turned sour grapes into almost wine. :D


I tend to match the sofa or the curtains and let the rest fall into place. Although, the paint that matches my curtains in my bedroom is still in the basement. :D

Yey! Good luck, you.

Anke said...

I'm sorry your day didn't work out as planned. Hopefully you'll have better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I HATE painting. It always seems like it's going to go faster and there is always some corner or some piece that just takes so long to do. It's boring and tedious. This is why my apt walls have always been white. It's also like an omen for me. I once painted an apt I lived in and I only made it there a year. I would love to have color in my apt but I know as soon as I do our building will probably be sold. ha ha.

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like it just wasn't your day. Sorry about the color. Hopefully you found what you wanted and I think samples are the best way to go. Good luck with your hair.