Sunday, August 29, 2010

Without family, what are we?

First, I'd like to wish my beautiful little sister a very happy birthday - she turns all of 20 today, which makes me feel like an old crust but I celebrate her youth with a full heart and hope she knows how much I adore her!
Isn't she gorgeous? :)

So, the past few days have been crazy busy... Had to prepare for the "fencing bee" that took place yesterday. My dad and stepbrother drove in from Ontario and recruited two of my uncles (my dad's brothers) who live nearby to come help Vegas and I open up a new paddock for the horses. It was hot, sweaty and exhausting work but you know, we did have a good time getting through it - I cannot imagine how long it would have taken us without any help, oh dear lord!

At first we tried to carry the 6' cedar fence posts by hand to the end of the field but that was just stupid crazy. One of my uncles said "screw that" so he took the seats out of his van, they loaded up the posts and drove through 4' high grasses to the fence site - that saved hours of work right there.

Luckily the ground was hard and dry
so nobody got stuck in the middle of the field ;-)

The new fence line stretches to the end of our property,
we have 12 acres so it was a LOT of walking!

Vegas and my step-bro taking a breather n'shit -
there is a story behind this language... LOL!
Vegas is up on a ladder here:

Uncle, dad, uncle, me, Vegas, Maika, Dakotah:
We're a helluva lot more tired than we look!

I think we all got heat stroke...
Sure am feeling it today, ugghh.

One of my uncles stayed for dinner, my dad spoiled us all with wine, home-made lasagnas, dessert, fresh veggies from the garden and a whole lot of other stuff while my stepbrother proceeded to get plastered on beer and wine...

Yep, a planned drunken binge.

Holy crap.

We hadn't been around that sort of thing in ages and it wasn't pleasant. At least at a party you can move away and leave but when it's in your house? The burping and farting was something else... every sentence punctuated by "n'shit" - all of it harmless and unintentional, sadly - he's a great guy and fun when sober. Where does one learn to speak and behave that way?

Longest. Evening. Evar.

*shakes head*

Anyhoo. The muscle was very much appreciated and the work got done well and in good time, nobody got hurt, it was great to reconnect with my dad and uncles again - I've got awesome fambly, I tell you.

Today... we roast. It's hot. Very, very hot. The forecast is for more of this weather all week, ho geez - just as long as it's cool during the night so we can sleep, please? I hate to see the chickens panting, the dogs hiding in the basement and the horses being eaten alive by flies!

At least the horses went nuts this morning when they were let into their new pasture - nom! nom! nom! They should have enough food in there to last another good month, which is why we went to all this trouble in the first place.

We are family.

/end of Hiding From The Burning Rays post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your sister is gorgeous, just like YOU. Love the photos...especially the group shot.
I hope your heatwave cools it's heels too...did the horsies say thank you yet???

Adventures In China said...

Aw, she is very beautiful, but your whole family is gorgeous so I am not surprised.

You work so hard, you inspire me. I have taken on a few projects while I have some downtime, and darn if my body isn't achy all over! I don't know how you do it. Kudos to you!

prin said...

Ah, you're a young hottie. I love Maika shaking in that pic. :D

Dude talking to Vegas'n'shit is totally my neighbor. Totally.

And those planned drinking thingies are why I never wanted to get married. I still know too many of those. :(

Did they all sleep over?

C said...

ta petite soeur suis joie, madame...

tres tres belle comme vous.

glad you had fun. BD will be very happy for this!

JeanMarie said...

To answer your question, without family we are, depending on our mood, sad, happy, despondent, orphaned,miserable, lonely, anxious, rested, alone.

Debby said...

Your sister is georgous. Hope she had a Happy Birthday. Love what you have done. Those fence posts are beautiful. Sounds like a lot of very hard work. What an evening of good food and wine, minus the farts!

Anonymous said...

Your sister looks like Scarlette Johansen in that picture.

Roshan said...

Your sister is such a cutie.