Sunday, August 15, 2010

Agri fair - buckle up!

I promised you photos from yesterday's "adventure", so here you go!

I had trouble picking out the best ones so just went with a bunch and hope you enjoy - remember, it's just like being there minus the smells.

You can thank me later :-D

We only went for the farm critters so once we had navigated through the maze of crap rides, cheap fried foods and piles of manure on the paths we finally arrived at the cow exhibitions.
(all photos click bigger!)
First the babies, notice how happy they seem...

It was a bit surreal, to be honest...
Like a dog show but for cows?

This one almost made me cry.
She was hugely pregnant, too...
Looks painful, no?

Mixing grains, shoveling manure...
All for a ribbon?

This about sums up the cow part:

For a $12 admission you got to see a lot of behinds:

...and a few sad-looking faces:

Then we wandered over to the horse bit,
Cause that's all there was.

I was next in line for that refreshing shower!

Inside the main stables,
prepping for ring shows:

The 3rd main attraction,
porta potties and tractors.

The midget exhibitions:

Vegas laughing at the hilarity of it all
(notice the "rides" way in back - yey empty dragon boat!)

Next up was the "egg and spoon" competition,
Where riders had to navigate at different speeds
Holding an egg balanced on a spoon, no fingers allowed:

There were quite a few participants in this one!
Pretty funny, too -
Drop your egg and you're out!

Hicks, hicks and more hicks:

This mare was asking me to please get her
the hell outta there...

Back to the bullshit...
Next time you eat a steak think of this big boy.
It was probably a hunk of his arse on your plate.

If you eat a hotdog
You'll probably get this bit instead
(yes, the balls!)

Bye-bye strange people in white
with your poor bloated genetically-modified beasts...

I'm glad we went even if it was disappointing in content. We had a good laugh and will never have to wonder if we missed anything by not going, you know? Mystery zapped!

Today's hot and blustery... again way above average seasonal temps, no break in sight. Tropical summer, arctic winter - we've got it all, folks! I moved the room painting to later this week when Vegas isn't here, he's deep into soccer - er, football - today so that means no unplugging the TV or anything.

Ah well. To each our own.

This afternoon is for horse grooming, flock care, running errands, baking and the like.

Yeah, another day of taking it easy on account of the sleepies. I did get some fairly good zzz's in the tent last night and a couple more hours in the house after the sun turned my sleeping quarters into an oven, but am still very weak and unfocused.

I'm getting some iron supplements later today.

/end of Cows, Cows, Cows post/


Lola Smiles said...

you'd hate the calgary stampede too! ;0

prin said...

Make sure you eat with your iron supps...

And from what I know, the udders are only bloaty like that when they're empty. When they're full, they're all contracted and hard.

blueviolet said...

You had me chuckling with all of your comments! That was definitely an interesting day! (found you through Debby, another wonderful friend.)

C said...

i feel so sorry for those animals... i hardly eat beef anymore, its rare if i do. in fact in general all meat and poultry have started to gag me because i keep thinking of the live animal .... anyways, i agree wiff ya, all hicks indeed....

you also might wanna eat either some prunes or dried apricots each day with the iron cuz it will constipate you..

and prin, i didnt know that about the udders either! learn summit new everyday..

Busy Bee Suz said...

Iron sounds like a good thing for you.
After seeing all of this, my utters are hurting me terribly. said...

me udders hurt too, maybe they need milkin'......HONEY!!!!!! LOL!

just playing....i used to love going to the fair, but only for the cotton candy or candy apples. or sometimes they had a sausage with onions and peppers on a hoagie roll, geez you could smell it a mile away, i loved it! i did't like any rides, but liked the animal displays. the smells, the sights, the sounds....all of it. i even stole a baby chick once. my mom made me bring it back tho. meanie. but this is so much fun, once a year, we would go out and see the carnie's....the hilight of the summer!

Vegas said...

The best part of the trip was my awesome parking under a tree. I've got mad skills.

ModernMom said...

That IS a lot of cow Butts!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am such a city girl! :)

Just Breathe said...

Oh my, looks like my sagging breasts! I hear you on the meat.
My daughter has stopped eating meat and I admire her for that.
It's not about being a vegetarian but about not eating animals.