Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy homestead

I just love this time of year... Yet again on the cusp of another season change, scrambling to get stuff done before the weather turns and taking a bit of time to enjoy it all. Some trees are already starting to turn (gasp!) but I'm trying to ignore those for now.

We're getting another heat wave as of this weekend, so who knows what can happen?

Oh, speaking of the weekend!

My dad has rallied some forces and he's coming over (5 hour drive) with my step-brother on Saturday to help Vegas with the fence posts for the new paddock. Two of my uncles are also coming over to pitch in, how awesome is that?

A week-long job has been reduced to one afternoon, woo!
For some reason,
this has made Maika très happy:

(I posted another "happy Maika face"
in the Bubblegum Snapshots, worth a look)

As for Dakotah-bean, well, he's always happy:

My dad's bringing a couple of home-made lasagnas and I've got to start making ice for the lemonade, pop and water - gotta take care of a bunch of grunting, sweaty men working hard in the field, LOL! I'll also make a loaf of garlic bread and for dessert: ice cream. Or beer, depending on who's asking.

Big Daddy is mighty pleased, as a new paddock means

I love my big doofus :-)

It's also my sister's birthday on Saturday, mustn't forget to call - she turns the big two-oh! I can't believe I'm twice her age. Sigh.

Two things before I leave:

a) if you haven't voted on the current poll, do give it a whirl!

b) what the heck does it mean when someone keeps dreaming of big appliances (stoves, fridges, freezers, washers, sometimes dryers - no dishwashers)? It's crazy. I move into these weird places with nooks and crannies and big wandering rooms and there are machines from previous tenants everywhere, from antique to old to funky to new-ish, stacked side-by-side or stuffed in corners, piled on top of each other, some with coin slots, some working and some not. It's freaking me out! These are not unpleasant dreams, just the recurring theme is making me think I'm crazy or something. This has been going on for years.

/end of Thirsty Thursday post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Clearly you agonize about clean clothes and cooking. I would say this stems from your childhood chores.
Sincerely, Dr. Suz.
I really have no idea. I dream about snakes and alligators ALL the idea about them either.

Glad you guys are getting some much needed help!!! Enjoy it while you can.

JeanMarie said...

I can offer no analysis of those dreams, kiddo, sorry. My recurring dreams always involve me living in Ireland!
TY, TY, TY for the beanie pics! Especially that charming boy! Can you make that picture available on Red Bubble? It would be perfect next to the one of him I already have.
Love Ya!

prin said...

No idea about the dreams. I'm thinking either stability or baggage that's hard to dispose of. :D

Yey pics! :D

C said...

dreams... i think they mean you need more iron.

so glad you'll have help this weekend.. you guys need it.. i bet you wish they would come more often... bribery, hon... bribe 'em with foods and beers and stuffs..

such cute photos of your fury kids.... i will check out your other blogs.

Anonymous said...

You should have your own cable tv show about home improvements. You can combine it with a sort of cooking show on all the delicious food you always describe. :)

Debby said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Lots of work but great food and company.
Your pups are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi TD, I just love spending my Sunday morning with some coffee and your blog. Sounds like the perfect weekend, getting the job done and having family nearby. Love your fur babies. Maybe we will make it up for a visit someday : )

I have been having dreams about falling off the top of pyramids...

Roshan said...

Love them dogs of yours. So photogenic.