Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick! Before the gumption fades!

Imma gonna do it today.

After months and weeks and days of stalling.


Gonna paint the huge living/dining room that has tons of flat wall space, many big windows and a patio door to throw in some trim twists! Woo!

Did I mention how much I loathe painting?


It's cuz I'm so bad at it... No matter how clean I start off, I always end up with smudges, splatters, stains and drips. Everywhere.

Please wish me luck... and YES there will be some before-and-after pics for you to laugh at! LOL

/end of Challenging Day, Gulp! post/


prin said...

ohhhhhh, painting. Oh. Well, I'm not encouraging that. :D

Goo' luck!

C said...

it will be fun to choose colors and paint it all new... are you going to paint a mural or stencils of any kind on the wall?

try to have fun...

Anke said...

Ok, I'm kinda weird I guess because I actually like to paint. It's the moving of all the @#%& that I can't stand. Good luck and hope there's not to many snafus...

Busy Bee Suz said...

I actually love painting...I'm on my way with my roller and brush!!!

jo.irish.rose said...

oh suz and i will come help! i don't have too much going on, whats a few migraines? and your just north of me, suz can pick me up on the way...lol. i love to paint too.

i like doing stencils and other techniques like ragging or sponging or whatever the newest fad or thing is now. so you should have fun, drink a few beers while you do it, open some windows, start early in the morning while it is cool out, stop when it gets too hot, then relax and do something else. don't burnout on it, you will hate it more so then. and if you can, get someone to come over, have a lil painting party....make the dogs do it! they look hefty...lol! but have fun! stay cool!

Just Breathe said...