Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nature's girl

I slept until 9am this morning and blame the comfy tent.

OK fine, it did take me ages to fall asleep... then my peanut bladder woke me up at 1:30am and again at 5:15am... then the hot sun turned the tent into an oven at 7:30am so I had to open all the flaps and shove the mounds of blankies on the side... to finally be awoken by my sweet husband at 9am.

All this while being plagued by strange, disturbing and stressful dreams.

Do I rock, or what! :-D


I was going to bite the bullet and finally paint our lounge/dining room today.


It will be a miracle if I have enough energy to do basic stuff like breathing and not passing out on the couch.

I do have my day planned out though:
  • prep room for painting (unscrew stuff from the walls, move furniture, etc)
  • dog grooming, their nails and coat are way overdue
  • one of the chicken coops needs a good cleaning & bedding change
  • we're low on a few staples such as milk, bread, nanas....
  • there's always laundry to do
  • and hoovering
See? I need a maid so I can focus on getting contractor stuff done!



I have a stummy ache. That's stomach and tummy. I think last night's dinner (chinese macaroni) didn't go down too well.

Tonight is veggie night, meat is murder.

Except when fed to my dogs, cuz that's just what they're built to eat.

Am I rambling?


Have a nice day! :-D

/end of Ludicrust post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

You do rock. I would be too scared to sleep outside by know all the crazy stuff happens when by oneself. :)
You do need a maid. Lets go in halfsies, ok?

Posh Totty said...

Ohhhh I love camping :O)

and we understand stummy well ;o) said...

oh, pauvre petite you have ENO up there? we used to buy that when we lived in NY, but have not been able to find it. it is just bicarbonate of soda....just baking soda and water....but it bubbles and tastes a whole lot better. like an alka selzer almost and makes your stummy all better.

your tent looks sooo comfy and cozy, i would deff sleep outside if it was cool/cold out. but i don't like it hot.

and i love painting and changing stuff around in the house. of course when they did it here, we had someone come and do it, so i left and went to my sisters. lol

show us all your doings when you get done, k? and feel better, i have another migraine, off to bed with my meds. au revoir mon ami!

C said...

ma petite soeur suis tres belle, n'est pas? je l'aime... bon, about that maid, i mailed you one just now, she should be arriving soon to help you!!! she does do windows too!!!

well, if i could i would...

i do love camping and sleeing in the tent but in cooler weather tho... cant do the oven thing. so spring and fall are me fave times to camp.

oh it is so much fun to redecorate! i wanna see pictures, k?

sorry bout your stummy ache, i love that term... stummy aChE... stuuuummy aaaaache... its fun to say but not fun to have.

have a great day and kiss big daddy for me. he and i telepathically communicate. ya know when he nudged you the other day? that was moi telling him to!!! bwahahahaha i mean nay naaaay

prin said...

lol! I totally ruined all your plans. Even the meat part. I hope I at least gave you good dreams... *raises eyebrow suggestively*

Just Breathe said...

Sorry you didn't feel well. You tent looks awesome.