Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm trying to focus on the screen but there's a thick fog between my brain and reality, a film of water on my eyes from repetitive yawning.

I had some sort of energy for part of the day and then crashed again.

Tired, so tired.

And yes I slept, I'm sleeping quite a few hours in fact.

But never any deep sleep, I float on top like a leaf on a slow river.

*pauses to stare vaguely into space*

Oh, we finally went to that "famous" agricultural fair a few towns over today. Famous cuz it's been an annual event there for 184 years now.


I doubt it will last for many more years... Rumors are it's getting smaller and smaller due to increasing exhibitor rules, regulations and fees - and how the heck do you attract visitors at $12 a head, all ages? WTF? For the privilege of riding on a few rusty, rickety fairground rides, eating overpriced fried dingbats and looking at a few mangy, sick chickens in cages?

Gaaah! So annoyed! I wanted to turn around and come home but Vegas insisted we go in anyways since we had taken the time to drive there... Ah dear husband, you're OK in my book ;-)

We had fun laughing at ugly people and gaping at enormous cow udders. We watched some horses and riders doing things with eggs and spoons, looked for prize bulls and found none. No pigs either. No sheep, no goats, nothing. Lots of big tractors and farm equipment though.

And big porta-potties.

I'll post some pics tomorrow, too tired to set anything up now.

You'll be entertained, I promise!

/end of Moo? post/


ModernMom said...

The county fair is set to blow through here in about 4 weeks. My girls cant wait! Thanks for the reminder to start saving my pennies. It always costs a fortune!

Busy Bee Suz said...

cant wait to see your photos. ;)
I DO hope your brain wakes up soon....sleepy brains are not up to par.

prin said...

That sucks. :( All around, I guess.

C said...

in my home town of malone, ny... the county fair was the highlight of the year when it came to town every august. one final bash of fun before shcool restarted. it wasnt much more than what you described cept there were rides and skill games to win a prize. the carnies that ran it always scared us young girls in town cuz they were so creepy, dirty, and oogled us with hungry eyes.. yuk..

i always felt so sorry for the animals there, so much so i wouldnt even go see them. but malone is farm country so they showed lots of cows and chickens and pigs.. and horses...

your post reminded me of that... didnt mean to ramble.. oh, and thanks for the comment about the remminicing [sp.] cuz i also go right back int time when i hear certain songs... we're twins heehee

i am worried about your tiredness, nikki... do you have an appointment coming up? i think your blood work might be off... i wanna know whats going on..

Anke said...

We went to a chicken and egg festival one time (with a name like that, I was soooo excited) and it was a total let down. They had one chicken exhibit, lots of arts and crafts to purchase, overpriced (sucky) food... There were a few interesting things to look at, but we definitely won't go back.
Hope you get some decent sleep soon.

Just Breathe said...

That is a long time, it would be sad to see it end but $12. is high!
Sounds like you had an okay time.
I can't get back in the game since I've been home. Reading, reading, reading. I can't just delete all! I am way to nosey to do that : )