Friday, August 20, 2010

So this is what I did today:

I painted.

And painted some more.

Half done the giant room now, yey!

I wussed out and put painter's tape over the baseboards and around the windows, no fuss no mess - just a bit time consuming but meh, whatever.

Two coats of Sico Supreme Pearl in Whalebone and wow, it's so gorgeous!

We love it :-)

It's a lot paler than we thought it would be but it fits the room beautifully.

Very serene, calming and zen.


Can't wait to see the room all done up with new furniture placement and all - this morning we sold the propane gas fireplace that took up a chunk of our living room so we now have both money and space for a long-awaited new couch - yippee!

Oh, and guess what:

Not hiring painters means money saved, which will go towards installing crown moldings - this room needs some classing up and it solved the stupid paint nightmare of ceiling lines! Woo!

Now... I ache in places I didn't know had raw hamburger muscles in them.

Holy mother of all pain.

Being both knackered, we ordered chinese food for dinner. Called it in at 5:44pm, the food arrived at 6:04pm - LOL! Of course it wasn't very good and totally not worth the money but some days you just gotta say f*ck it, you know? It was hot, it was plentiful and cleanup = paper bag in the trash. Win.

Tomorrow... There won't be any painting tomorrow, that's for Sunday.

Tomorrow is for errands, doggie TLC, potential company and maybe a bit of rest... It would be nice to sit outside in the sweet sun and read for a bit, cup of tea in hand.

I think I'll put that on the top of my list :-)

G'nite peeps!

/end of Making Pretty post/


JeanMarie said...

Way to go, homeowner! Sounds like you're doing great! Be sure to soothe those muscles in a nice bath and take several ibuprofen!
A friend of mine who paints for a living introduced me to the sill brush, which makes cutting in at baseboards & ceiling a heck of a lot easier. I always make a mess with painter's tape : ) And Herb assures me that pros don't use it
Crown molding is an excellent idea! All that HGTV is paying off.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are doing just wondrous things.
I finally conceded to using the painters tape a long time makes things cleaner in the end. but a pain in the beginning. :)
Crown molding? awesome. Cant wait to see it all.

Just Breathe said...

You are really working hard. Glad you like the color. Crown moldings will look awesome. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

prin said...


And um... how are you installing the crown moldings? It's a major issue of family drama in my family currently as they are VERY particular to install. Install them wrong, and everybody will notice right away.

(My bro is the Mr. Pro at them, I think. My dad? Not so much. :D)

Anke said...

Yeah, I'm glad you got the room painted and you like the color. Like you, I'm not crazy about having to tape up everything with the blue tape, but it does make things easier. Now I can't wait for the big reveal...

Janean said...

couldn't find the color on their site. is whalebone a gray-ish white? that's what i think of....

no matter. it'll look FAB to the stinkin' whalebone!

we're looking for a good chinese restaurant. our fav sold to some sweet mexican people who don't cook good chines. :( LOL

Technodoll said...

Prin, by "we" I mean "professionals", LOL! I'll just go buy the crown moldings and let someone with experience put them up ;-)