Thursday, August 5, 2010

So. Wrong.

Stupid TV shows.

We finally discovered Curb Your Enthusiasm a decade after its inception (hey, better late than never, it's brilliant!).

We're going through the seasons in sequence and can't get enough - anyways, the episodes we've been watching lately have to do with the wife granting the husband a "10th year wedding anniversary present as promised 10 years earlier", which is one night of sex with any woman he chooses - a freebie of sorts, which expires at midnight the day before they renew their vows.

Hope I'm explaining this right!

Anyways, it's a hilarious clusterf8ck of events - if you've ever watched Seinfeld then you get the kind of show CYE is - somehow it's left its mark on my tender brain.

Last night I dreamt that Vegas was doing the same thing, only without my blessing!

I tried to stop him, he was all dressed up to the nines, sweet-smelling and shaved, hotel and spanish ho all picked out, bouquet of flowers in hand. And there I was, begging him not to go, that I couldn't go through with it, if he went it would destroy me and that I'd be gone when he came back - and he just laughed! Said no, I wouldn't be gone because I had nowhere else to go and to just chill out.

So. Horrible.

Then I followed him into the cobble stoned village, where he had to climb a sort of ladder to help a kitten in distress or something from a store's 2nd story window - and he fell, hit the street head-first and broke a wrist.

He looked at me and I just gave him the finger and left!

! what the eff !

Woke up feeling shaken and nasty, yuck - what a nightmare!
I'd rather dream about this than go through that again:

If you know my fear of clowns, this is saying a lot!

Why would I dream such a horrible thing? Am I that insecure? Is my brain that influenceable? Do I mistrust the human race? Eeeek!

Time to exorcise the devils through sweat and hope I don't pass out from heat exhaustion. This summer has been less than fair weather-wise, quite unpleasant actually: either too hot and muggy or too thick with thunderstorms to enjoy outside activities.

Bah humbug!

/end of Feeling Groggy, Feeling Stupid post/


prin said...

How about you're worried that he'll leave you suddenly and unexpectedly even after ten years of knowing you and he rescues the kitty (unrealistic superhero) and falls down (plain ol' human who isn't a superhero), and you wonder if it's worth the risk to be so enraptured with some mere human?

JeanMarie said...

"Just a dream", as my DH would say : )

I think the end of the dream says a lot about your strong sense of self worth and the fact that you'll accept no compromises on ideals that are important to you. But what the hell do I know? lol!

Just Breathe said...

It always amazing me how we dream and how something we watched will come into our dreams. Love that clown picture, I know someone who is in fear of clowns too!

Vegas said...

injured as a result of trying to get pussy

Vegas said...

i.e. it's a metaphor for catching as STD :)

Technodoll said...

That's what happens when men stray, if they don't get shot first :-D

C said...

erm.... i think it's the sweets you ate before you went to bed....


no, really i have had dreams similar before.. its just our fears coming out sideways but i agree wiff ya, i hate when it feels so real you wake up in its hangover all day... yuk..

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love CYE, and only found it last year. The coach does not get that type of humor well...but I loves it mucho!
I have those dreams too, and I have no insecurities at you are in good company!!!

prin said...

lol @ Vegas' interpretation.