Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I blogged too much yesterday so this one's short, besides I started my day waaaay late and had to cram a long afternoon of errands into... um, one afternoon... so not much time left for dramas nor shenanigans.

Got new paint samples, got new paint tools. Got primer.

Got lumber for the stables, bits and bobs of hardware.

Got a bag of lime for the box walls and got an earful from Vegas about it - hims scairt I'll chop up a body and get rid of the bits by dissolving them in lime sludge or sumtin.

Silly mens.

Nights are cool and refreshing these days, I actually like this weather.

Yes, I said it: this bit of summer is nice :-D

I kinda want to sleep in the tent tonight but my neck's a mess and I need my energy for tomorrow's paint job. Just priming walls, but still - ugh. I've been taking vitamin & herb supplements the past few days and I think I feel a difference? Not sure though. I'll keep on it for a few more weeks.

G'nite, peeps :-)

/end of Brain Vacancy post/


Vegas said...

Bah. Perfectly valid concern.

ModernMom said...

Rest up for that paint job!

C said...

you will get everything you want to get done, in time. dont push yo'sel too hard... just do what ya can..

prin said...

lol @ taking vitamins for a few days. :D

Rest up for doing something other than painting tomorrow! lol (I'm the worst painty encourager. :D God, I hate painting. So fricken boring.)

Just Breathe said...

I understand primer but it just makes the paint job take so much longer. Hope you slept well.

Anonymous said...

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