Saturday, August 7, 2010

Squeezing every drop out of summer

Well, OK - not every drop, but I sure am trying!

I try to spend as much time outside as possible - when it's not pouring rain or sweltering hot - and now that summer's approaching its crescendo I'm adding nights to that.

Yep, I finally got to sleep in the tent last night - yey!

Temps fell to 7C (44F) but it was nice and toasty warm under layers of clothing and blankets, hoodie top snuggly secured over my head. When the sun came up I had to start peeling layers off! I would have slept longer if it hadn't been so warm in there.


Might have to keep the tent up for another month or so...

It was such a wonderful sleep!

Now when winter rolls around I won't feel like I didn't take the time to experience summertime as well as I should have. And yes, that was a complicated sentence. I like it that way.

Today was for shopping, gardening, cleaning and critter care... My mom & stepdad are sleeping over tonight so we get to have a lovely family breakfast together Sunday morning. Then I'll be the sneaky daughter and ask if they wouldn't mind helping me re-pot my new (and old) plants, since they're both avid gardeners with fabulous green thumbs.

At least then it will be done well and the new decorations for our living space will be ready to go!

Yes, I bought paint yesterday so I'm all set to finally prettify at least one room of this giant house - wooo! So excited!

And yes, I will post before-and-after pics.

You knows it!

/end of Hope Your Weekend Is Sweet Like A Chocolate Kiss post/


Just Breathe said...

Camping sounds so peaceful. We use to camp a lot, did a motor home once and now we do the cabin. We leave tomorrow for Mammoth Lakes, CA. The weather is in the 70's now. We will actually see snow in the mountains. I don't hike like I use to but I read all day long. I can't wait. Enjoy your family and your breakfast. Have fun planting!
Get in as much as you can before the cold weather comes. said...

are you serious? 44 degrees? i don't think it gets that cold here during the winter!! lol {{sigh}} i miss the great north! i long to live there again and have my 4 seasons again.

i'm so glad you are enjoying your family. and your gardening. it is way too hot to play in the dirt here. i like to do that in the spring and fall tho. lol and love camping in the fall and winter. with a fire and smores and all the snuggling....yup, summer is way too hot! and the bugs, ewwwww! have fun! and do post some pics!

Busy Bee Suz said...

44 degrees???? I AM SO JEALOUS.
I am with you on asking for green thumb it!!!!!
Can't wait to see the before and after photos. :)

Anke said...

We like camping out in our backyard, but right now it is waaay to hot here. It doesn't even go below the mid 70's so there is no way we'll be sleeping outside any time soon. Which room are you going to paint? Can't wait to see pictures...

Lady Banana said...

I wouldn't want to go camping as such, but a night in a tent in a safe garden might be ok.

I have the same feeling about wanting to make the absolute most of summer, it'll be cold before we know it. It's already getting darker earlier!