Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is swell.

Another week-long unbearable heat wave that renders everyone both useless and miserable.

Whatever happened to sweet autumn temps?

What the hey is this heavy, muggy, oppressive heat?

Big Daddy is dripping with sweat and covered in flies, hungry and tired (too hot to graze in the fields except at night), the chickens are panting like dogs, not laying any eggs and the coops are also invaded with flies, the dogs sleep all day and refuse to go outside and as for the humans, let's not go there.


Watch it snow or something in two weeks, just for the hell of it.

In other news, this is playing
on TV right now (channel: Spike):

Best song intro of a retro show evar!
Who else is with me here :-D
Ah, memories of youth.... lol

So, I did nothing on Sunday.

Then I over-compensated yesterday by getting more lumber and hardware and spending four straight hours in the barn sawing, drilling, hammering, heavy lifting and hammering some more in the blazing heat.

I totally can't move today after a night of not sleeping out of pain and a busy brain.

I know! I'm an eejit!

The inside of the barn looks crappier than ever.

A total redneck trailer trash project.

I'm embarrassed and it's ugly and I hate it.

If only it was at least functional, but no. Two horse boxes, each half completed, still many long hours of work to go and for what? Recycling bits and bobs SUCKS but when you pay over $10 for just one simple door lock, $30 for hinges and $40 for bracing brackets, well, you start to look around at what you can re-use.

Sigh. One day we'll have the money to build things proper.

One day.

Time to go make iced tea, do some laundry and pop a few Advil.

/end of What's In Your Barn? post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Best intro song ever!
Sorry you are stuck with the heat...if only you had some a/c.
For the critters too.
I think you are too pretty to use all those tools and get all sweaty working. Really. You should hire someone and just model full time. You will make a killing.

JeanMarie said...

Sweetie you are way to hard on yourself! Take a breath...a cool shower...a large ice tea...and cake. RELAX. It'll get done when it gets done and fretting about it and driving yourself to the point of exhaustion is counter productive. Of course, I am the laziest woman in the world, so it's easy for me to say :D

blueviolet said...

Autumn really is supposed to moderate with the temps and it's not! I'll bet to an outsider the barn isn't as bad as you think?

Debby said...

Sorry it's so hot. We are having a very nice week here. I didn't watch the show but yes I remember the music. It's a good one. You sure do work your ass off. Hope the Advil help.

C said...

i am in total agreement and to that i add my other favorite... the pink panther theme song... oh yeah, baby! hearing those 2 songs takes me back to my childhood and comforting memories that no matter how sucky life was, there was always tv to look forward to in the evening... thanks for da mammeries, [spelling intentional lol]
that's how jo and i always say it... we just make up our own words...


Adventures In China said...

Quebec weather sure does seem crazy this year! Too hot, then too cold. I hope you soon get your baby bear weather. :)

Have a rest! lol.

prin said...

You should blog your brain roamings so I can pick at them in the depths of the darkness. Hehe. ;)

And yeah, you're too hard on yourself. Way. Ouain.