Monday, August 23, 2010

He he


prin said...

Please don't.


Obsessively Grammatical said...

i'll leave you a freakin comment! and you can misspell all you want. i won't take out my red pen! lol

how's the weather up yonder? we have had several thunder storms the last few days. rain rain go away....makes me have a headache each day!

have you attempted the painting job yet? no rush or pressure...just checking in. ha ha

so i was thinking about making me some french fries and gravy cuz i had a craving....are they always served with the cheeze? cuz i don't remember eating it with cheeze when i was little. just the gravy. and do you buy your gravy already made or have a recipe? and if it is homemade would you share it? i have one somewhere, i think i would have to google it, but if you have one, that would be much better. nowadays, it is so much easier to buy stuff already made in the store. my hubby told me to just use brown gravy in the can. i may just make it from beef stock. we'll see.

anyway...hope your chicky's are cooling off. you will have to knit them all little sweaters for the winter! lol have a good rest of the week dolly, and if your still sleeping out in that tent.....BUNDLE UP!

Debby said...

Very cute.

Roshan said...

Hahaha. Good one.

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so funny! Seriously, that would not bother me either. :)