Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chillin' on the home front

What a lovely - and BUSY! - weekend!

Besides hours of lawn mowing, garden weeding and house cleaning, Vegas and I enjoyed the cooler weather while it lasted... it's gonna get stinking hot again for part of the week, oh dear!

Maybe a few more nights in the tent are in order?


My mom and stepdad stayed over for the night and spoiled us with awesome new house plants plus a whole morning of re-potting everything everything I had bought on Friday - and thank goodness for that. They both have very green thumbs (well, not literally, lol) and expert garden and plant knowledge so I learned a lot and from the best, too!

I loves them! THANK YOU!

So, the new decorations for the lounge/dining area are all set now, just have to get the painting done.

This week.

With certainty!

Right now we're just chillin' on the couch while the rain, the eternal rain, soaks and floods the land again... So flippin' tired of that crap. The horses seek refuge in the shelter and miss out on a night of eating, the chickens can't sleep because of the loud rain on the coops' tin roofs, which means everyone is cranky and tired the next day.
I feel guilty sipping wine, all nice and dry...

Vegas is watching an adult movie:

It's incredible!

Dear husband, so tired.
Dear ugly decor, so about to be updated and beautified!
(not you Vegas, you get to stay - he he)

And that's that for this Sunday's installment
Of the House of Techno.

G'nite, peeps!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the Incredibles!!!!
So happy you are getting some fun stuff done, I love redecorating.
Poop on all the rain, can't you do a 'go away' rain dance?

prin said...

I want posts like these more often. Makes me feel like I know who you are again. ;) :D

Just Breathe said...

Haven't seen the Incredibles yet.
Your heater/fireplace looks wonderful. Glad you got your planting done.

C said...

i love that movie!!!! how nice of your mom and dad to help you like that. i bet you just love it when they visit! yeah, i'm wiff suz, do the rain rain go away... mojo dance... i think you have to do it in the muddy backyard neked tho... and howl like a coyote...


ModernMom said...

I can not believe how much rain we have had this summer..and I adore the Incredibles. I shave wished so many times for those Mams' arms!