Thursday, August 12, 2010

Because I'm lazy today

I've got a lot on my mind these days and will share some stuff with you soon, but for now all I've got are images...

Am trying to shake the blue-blahs, which I blame on lack of good sleep and vitamins.

It's the only explanation.

I hope.

I feel burdened with nostalgia these days, a feeling of loss and a fear of loss - it's like I feel the impending death of a loved one or something, it's weird. So crummy.
Here's Dakotah inhaling enjoying his dinner the other night:

Crazy how carnivores know what to do, eh?

Vegas and I keep reminding both beanies that they cannot die, they're not allowed to. Trying to imagine life without them is just too gutting. Uggh. The death thing again, wth?!

*must change mindset*

We had the pleasure of an impromptu visit from my friend Prin last night, a breath of fresh air in my otherwise stale day (I told you I'm feeling ick lately) - she came to bring me


...the bra, not the hot chick! LOL

See, Prin introduced me to the fabulousness that is Victoria's Secret bras, namely the Miracle Bra: I finally have cleavage, woo! And so comfy, too! Alas, as with any other amazing product that you just love and cannot live without, VS has decided to discontinue the line and replace it with a lesser item... Boo.

She grabbed the very last one available in my size, had it delivered to her place and then drove long hours to come bring it to meeeee!

If that isn't a true friend, I don't know what is :-D

I'll have to make it up to her some day, in some way... hmmm.

*plans and conspires*

Oh geez, I just looked at the time and have to fly... Vegas and I promised the kids we'd take them on their once-a-summer hike on a nearby ski mountain trail, we follow a crazy creek up to the top and then down again - they get wet splashing and running and it's a joy to see! It's going to kill my weak legs but gosh, I need to man up.

Big Daddy wishes y'all a lovely Thursday:

Am I not cute?


ModernMom said...

Oh hon, I hope some vitamins and sleep help you shake it off:) Sending positive vibes your way!

Anke said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blah, crummy and worried... Just hang in there, it'll get better!

C said...

awwww big daddy you are beautiful!! whatta good boy.. who's a good boy...? you're a good, big, boy... and i love you sweetie. wish i could meet you and shower you with love and rubs...

oh, nikki forgot you were there.. bwahahahah

i get the blues too and i think basically it's hormonal. also if i dont have a good cry every so often it builds up and i need release so i play songs that make me cry and get it out. then i feel better. it's healthy. ;)

also, with me when things are good and i'm happy i somehow get scared that something bad is going to happen cuz growing up, whenever i was happy for a moment and laughed hard and long, something would always happen to make me cry. it never failed. i still expect that to happen when things are good.

anywaz thats just me.

you deserve happiness. you deserve good things. you will handle whatever comes into your world, but for tonight, everything is ok in your world and that's ok. it's ok to enjoy it.

cute bra.

glad you had a nice visit with the prin- is she your sister?

take care and get some good sleep.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, change your mindset please. :)
Life is good...too much good stuff to worry about the unknown.
That puppy can eat up good.
Prin is an exceptional friend to you and your girls.
Hugs, Suz

Adventures In China said...

Those feelings are icky, I hope they disappear soon.

What a fabulous friend! And that is a fabulous bra! Rawr...

prin said...


It makes me happy to know you have proper cleav and support. :D

And in lieu of vitamins, I suggest going a little easier on yourself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Prin is a great girl friend. Nothing like getting hooked up with the proper bra that offers cleavage. As far as the "loss" thing, I too have my moments, I cannot IMAGINE life without my babies. The key is, to snap out of it as quickly as possible and use that time to enjoy your babies. Love ya TD

Just Breathe said...

How sweet of you friend to bring you the bra! It's really nice when you find one you like. Feel happy soon.