Sunday, August 1, 2010

The horse's arse

Our horse has a sexy butt, what do you think?

He he - that got your attention :-D

There's a giant housefly circling my legs right now, little does it know that it will meet a swift and electrifying death in a moment... We have one of those "fly zapper rackets" and boy does it ever work: kaPOW and the nasty thing disintegrates when met with the electrified mesh!

It's awesome!

I have to take it slow today... Am fighting a long nasty headache and sore shoulders from Friday's efforts (spent three hours trimming thick bush crap from the paddock fencing with manual hedge trimmers, clip clip clip, I still have about two hours of work left - yes there is a LOT of paddock, LOL) - so this afternoon Vegas and I will set up the tent in our back yard as a tribute to the last month of summer: hello August!

I'll probably be the only one using it on and off until September but hey, you never know... might slip some rohypnol in his evening soda and drag him in there for the night - he he.

So... cute update posted in Chicken Diaries if you like that sort of thing... also there's a new poll up on the side bar here, cast yer votes!

Big Daddy wishes you all a great weekend!

Cuz he has a nice face too, not just a nice butt ;-)


Just Breathe said...

He is beautiful! Have fun in your tent. Get some rest.

prin said...

I can't wait till the day when you're all, "Bah, eff the... [whatever it was you were trimming]." :D

Technodoll said...

Prin, the paddock trimming isn't for beauty, it's for security... all that brush is grounding the wire so the fencing isn't working at the moment, très dangerous. all that's keeping the horses from bolting out into the woods and the street is a psychological fear of the hair-thin wire that acts as fencing - as soon as the horses lose their fear (touch the wire, no shock, lose fear...) we're in high trouble :(

Busy Bee Suz said...

Big daddy has a beautiful front end and back end!
Sleeping in the tent sounds fun...but I much prefer my bed. ;0
Take care, Suz