Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This'll have to do

I'm too pooped to blog or, worse, to read my favorite blogs tonight.

Boo :-(

All's good here, the paint job is fabulous but without the crown moldings the room still looks half-done... Gotta get that up soon, after that we can buy curtains and a couch and dress up the bare walls n'stuff.

I keep getting sidetracked by life's little demands, never-ending pet care and on-going disasters. That Big Daddy. If it's not a Sunday afternoon of colic, it's a Tuesday stable-box destruction by kicking. Godammit. More work on my full plate, gaaaahhh!

Vegas says that someday we'll be rich and pay people to build things proper. And mow the lawn. And fix the gardens. And clean the house.

I love my husband :-D

/end of Bedtime And Dreamytime post/


C said...

soak in a nice hot bath with salts for your weary body... and sleep in...


Debby said...

You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Do you play the lottery? We are not going anywhere, relax when you can and have a glass of wine.

JeanMarie said...

You really picked a peach when you picked Vegas!