Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wooo ossum!

It's warm and sunny with a slight dry breeze today so I can finally tackle the fencing for the new coop! Yey! If all goes well I can move the flocks to their new summer lodgings by tomorrow, which will end up saving me a ton of work (and cleaning hours) asap - so happy!

Cuz it looks like another crappy rainy summer ahead, where the grass grows two feet in a week and is impossible to manage. Rain = hustling birds in and out of shelter and I can't be bothered anymore. This way it's all automatic!

You know what?

We don't really care anymore about the spastic grass.

Yep. Screw the Joneses, we're not keeping up with them.

So liberating!

One project at a time. Today it's the new coop and maybe a bit of hand-mowing in strategic places if I have any energy left, while tomorrow I have some shopping and cleaning to do in preparation for Vegas' birthday on Thursday. Yeah, time for laundry... again... but there's cake in two days so woohoo!

The little blue pills are doing their job, I feel like I'm starting to get some sort of sleep again. I just needed to adjust the dosage so I'm not stoned out of my brain the day after.

**pause to make a phone call**

I just ordered four more layers for mid-September, directly from the breeder! Two reds and two whites, which will ensure a good steady supply of nice big eggs for the winter when most breeds - and older hens - slow down or stop laying altogether. I already have one girl, Dizzy, from this breeder and she is amazing (her sister Emma got murdered in the coop raid two weeks ago, I'm still so sad and pissed about that).

I expect to lose one or two girls by the autumn (disease, illness, accidents, etc) so the flock numbers should remain more or less steady this way.

What can I say? It's not just a hobby, it's a passion :-)

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday, is it sunny in your corner of the world?

/end of Who's Your Mama post/


Busy Bee Suz said...

What kind of cake is it for Vegas????
Sounds like you are getting more work done...as I sit. :9
Soon, I will be up and at it again.
Take it easy!

Just Breathe said...

Yes, it's sunny and warm. It's wonderful to have a passion. You are a very busy girl. I didn't like the Jones anyway!! Hope Vegas has a wonderful birthday.