Monday, June 28, 2010

The Chicken Diaries

I've been getting quite a few requests to start a chicken blog, of all things! Whodathunkit? People interested in chicken drahma and nothing but chicken drahma? LOL!

I kinda want to but I've already got so many blogs, most of which I only rarely post to...


I gots it.

What if I posted more flock stuff on here, would that do? Or would that be too invasive..? Awe, I dunno anymore. Chickens are a big part of my life but they're not all my life, you know?

Maybe I should put a poll up on the issue.

Speaking of polls, go vote on the current one "just because"! ;-)

True story: last night I went to check on Casper, our 4-month old gentle giant roo that I transferred to the big girls' flock as Sunshine went to live in a castle with many lovely ladies-in-waiting (I have too many roosters and it's driving the neighbors crazy, I have to re-home a few... sigh).

Well. Hormones set his brain on fire overnight - suddenly Casper isn't my sweet, friendly, cuddly boy anymore, oh no - he attacked me twice, drawing blood on my leg both times!!
Yeah, this boy here:

Stupid testosterone!

I've never had any roo act of the sort, it's horrible! I have a "zero tolerance" policy here on aggressive animals and fuck rehab, I have too many roosters as it is and hate feeling fearful and untrusting towards one of them.

Casper's going to be huge when he's mature, his dad is one big mean mofo (I just found that out a few days ago) so it's not boding well for this fella. He will be re-homed as soon as I can find a proper place for him - some people have the experience to deal with dominant beasts and actually want aggressive roos as they make awesome flock guardians. It's just not for me.

Anyways. That's the latest drahma, if you don't count the massive rains and flooding we got overnight. And will get all week. Yep. Rain until Friday, woohoo.


So much to do, so little mojo. There's a crack in the car's windshield that needs to be fixed asap. Flower beds need weeding. Floors need cleaning, baskets of dirty clothes need laundering. Groceries need to be fetched. The deck needs staining, which isn't going to happen unless things dry up. Time for napping?

/end of Time For Polls! post/


Candice said...

I think it would be best to keep your flock-related posts on here. I certainly wouldn't mind if there were more. I'm a bit more of a combined blog type of person myself and so I don't feel you need a separate blog for your chickens.

Wow, that rooster sounds mean... I'd probably just eat him if I were you. Well, that's mean. Re-homing him is much kinder. :P

Busy Bee Suz said...

I did not even know chickens knew how to type.
Oh, I just realized, YOU would do the typing. My bad.

Well, mr. fancy-mean pants might just need a swift kick in the a...

Oh, that might be too much drama.

You have rain all week? Does that mean all day every day? Ughhhh.
We have rain daily in the summer, but it usually comes in the afternoon and leaves by dark.

Take a nap, it is good for you.

prin said...

Aw, I was hoping for a more detailed chicken blog where you didn't have to feel self-conscious about how much time you spent talking about them. :D

C said...

i would just love to here about the flock, the jock, the cock, and the dock on here!!!!

oh i just crack meself up... ;)
someone has to, eh?

casper is absolutely beautiful.. the red head and black/white.. oh, just beautiful. but i agree with you.. there's no reason to keep a mean cock that is gonna bite you.

i also think since this is your blog, you can write about anything you want rather than having so many blogs. i wouldnt be able to keep up wiff them all.

rain rain go away, come again some other day!!
there. that mojo will help i hope!

i just ate a waffle cone with dairy queen vanilla ice cream in it! sooooooo creamy...


tres bon!

JeanMarie said...

Casper is very handsome. That said, get rid of the little bastard! None of our critters have the right to draw our blood!

Anonymous said...

Naughty Casper, pecking his mommy like that! I'm all for the Chickie Blog, as if it is coming directly from them with all their little chickenalities.

Farley said...

i think you should start a chicken blog

Adventures In China said...

Well, I for one love hearing about the chickens and roosters.

Naughty Roo! It sort of reaffirms my faith in nature that in every species, there are a few meanies and a few angels.

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the attack, that is so sad. Well I have loved your blog enjoying your life, your dogs and the chickens. But I will follow where ever you are the most.