Sunday, June 20, 2010

Internet, I love thee!

I have a bit of a fantasy lesbeen crush on Olivia Wilde. You know, the one who plays Thirteen in House, she was on the OC before?

Yeah. She's soooo hot and glamorous. I could gaze at her pretty face and stunning eyes for hours on end - how nature made such perfection I'll never know:

But wait, is it really all nature? Is she that stunning or is it aided by expertly applied makeup and the right lights? Do I really need to feel super dumpy compared to her? Hmmm. Let's see what the internet coughs up since you'll never get any answers on TV.
Olivia with makeup but wait,
are those a hundred little pimples I see? :-o

And here's what the person behind the makeup artists,
hairdressers and stylists really looks like on a regular Jo day:

Hmmm. Not quite as glamorous eh?

Fantasy not crushed, no worries - she's a dog mom so a huge bonus in my book! I love her normal figure, lack of fake boobies and giant forehead (ok kidding on that one). I still think she's super hot.

I just would love, for one day, to be in her shoes in that dressing room, to be all dolled up by pros and see what that looks like on the other side of the lens.

Then I'd go home, wash it all off, don some dog-walking attire and get going with real life.

I wonder if she likes chickens?


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/end of Wilde post/


Farley said...

lol she is quite pretty lol - big forehead technodoll less than a month!! woo

JeanMarie said...

I've never seen her before, but she's got a very attractive face and a natural body, I can totally see why you have a crush : )

ModernMom said...

Oh if you get to go for the Hollywood makeover I would really like to go with you! You will need a couple of friends cheering you on right! How much fun would that be to see ourselves all airbrushed like a star!
She is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It's funny because I think she is so much prettier without all the makeup.

C said...

well, in the opinion of a true life "lesbeen" [heehee] i think she's ok.. both with and without make up.. buti have seen prettier women than her...

you, my dear are simply beautiful.. you have that picture of you and one of the goggies in your collection on here that wOw'd me whenst i first saw it. dont wish for what you already possess!

besides, beauty to me comes from within... she can be a perfectly pretty face but a bitch inside or have ugly attributes and that would make her so unattractive to me.

but you g'head and enjoy your crunch... theres nuttin wrong wiff that!!



here in the states we have "hollywood photos" where they dress and make you up and you turn out gorgeous! they take your pictures and you can buy them... they have clothes to choose from. i took my daughter there for her sweet 16th b-day... it came out beautiful.. you should do it! or what ever you have equivalent to that, in canada.

Just Breathe said...

I love to see people the way they really look! I don't know who she is but she is very pretty.

Frank said...

Pfft, I'd still hit it.

Roshan said...

Is Vegas having some competition?