Friday, June 25, 2010

The colors of country life

Life is back to normal today, thankfully!

Got my shopping done this morning (chicken food, dog food, human food... in that order, LOL) and scored big-time at the fruit store: I asked one of the employees what they did with all the produce they couldn't sell and he said they threw it away :-o

So I said I was looking for scraps for my flock and he said "Oh, lots of people come in for that - here, we have cases you can take -" and then showed me what was really at the end of the proverbial rainbow... huge boxes of veggie and fruit trimmings, ready to be either carted away by crazies people like me or be disposed of in containers, which the stores have to pay for so they're happy to get rid of the stuff in other ways.

*choir of angels*

I wish I had known about this months ago, it would have saved me a ton of money! It took me about an hour to pack a bunch of bags for the freezer and to puree a few portions with my shitty food processor but I'm well stocked now, and I can get boxes anytime I want :-D

Seriously, there's glorious stuff in there: fresh lettuce leaves of all kinds, herbs, cabbage and cauliflower trimmings, all manners of fruit, bits and bobs of veggie bits - ah, I'm so chuffed!

I live for cheap thrills :-D

When I get my horse someday, it's going to be as spoiled as my chikkins - he he. Speaking of horses, let's start the slideshow since I have too many photos laying around and this is my way of "disposing" of them, LOL!
We have refreshing greens, hues of cream and chocolate browns:

Vibrant reds and snowy whites:

A spectacular array of blues and greys:

Golden yellows and teals:

Dazzling fushias and purples:

...and you can even eat the rainbow, if you wish!
(this is not one of my photos, in case you wondered!)
Hey, it's Friday! Even if I've lost all sense of time, it's still hard not to like a Friday. Vegas is officially on vacation for the next 10 days - woooHOOO! - and oh, life is sweet. I is happy again.

Now, what's next on my list... ah yes! Weeding!


/end of She's Not Crazy, She's Happy post/


Farley said...

that bacon looks tasty man! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum bacon! technodoll do you have you tube coz i do!!!! add me on it! im charlotte24799

Just Breathe said...

Enjoy your time with Vegas. Love the rainbow of bacon :) Sounds like you hit the jackpot, awesome.
Love all the pictures.

Busy Bee Suz said...

How awesome that you get the leftovers from the market!!! Talk about being GREEN. :)
Love your are an amazingly talented woman.
Enjoy your weekend and your upcoming Vegas time.

prin said...

On vacation? But.. I don't get it.

Yey! But I don't get it. :D

Lou said...

I looooove freebies too. The veg boxes sound fab.

My chickies are looking a bit sad today, feathers looking a bit poor. I'm off to get worming powder and red mite powder.

Have a lovely time with Vegas (coolest name I ever did hear!)

Anke said...

Your photos are amazing! You are so talented!!! Hope you enjoy your vacation with Vegas.

Roshan said...

That's so colourful. Wow!

Adventures In China said...

Oh, I love that building, so beautiful. All the pictures are lovely, they made me smile big. Even the blue bacon! I hate blue food, so I could never eat it, but it did make me smile. :)

So glad you found lovely things in the country to love, it's these little things that make life so fun.