Friday, June 4, 2010

Flowers, a dumbass and broken hearts

A bit of a detour before going back to The Sea Shore pics...

Our gardens have really started to bloom beautifully - it's amazing to see how each flower has its season: some bloom in April, some in May, each month brings new surprises and new delights. Since we only arrived here at the end of June last year, these times are a complete surprise of oooohs and aaaah - love it :-)

However with gardens come lawns and a lawn tractor and a bonehead driver (me) who drove a tiny tad too close to a tree, hit some roots, stalled the engine, twisted and broke the blade and broke the dining room window which was 75 feet away.

Yep, you heard me.

Smashed a bullet-sized hole into our double-glazed window, which now has to be replaced.

I'm speechless, pissed off, aggravated, stunned and broke - of all the stinking things to happen, why meeeee? Gah! I couldn't even finish mowing the lawn as the tractor's broken now!

I'd better focus on some flowers before I cuss too much.
Our fushia peonies are *just* starting to bloom!
They are one of my favorite flowers evar :)

Pretty in baby pink peonies!

I'd love to know what these are?
We also have big purple ones!

No idea what these are called - help?

I forget what these are called... Anybody know?
We also have yellow ones!

Pretty orange poppies...
we also have fushia ones but they haven't bloomed yet:

I dedicate the last photo to Dante, our dogue de bordeaux puppy aka Minge aka The Boob aka Meathead, who went to live with his new family today... They are absolutely wonderful and he will be very happy there, but it's still a sad moment for us - specially for Vegas.

We will get tons of updates, stories and photos so I'm not worried, and in the rare case that it doesn't work out we'll take him back - however these people are immense dog lovers (they have seven!), the property and lifestyle and family are devoted to dogs, it's the kind of place you wish every canine could end up with.

Hug all your critters goodnight, for they depend on us for their happiness.

/end of Love Is Hard post/


Adventures In China said...

I am IN LOVE WITH that orange flower picture! I love orange flowers, they are my favorite. But they are all beautiful, you are so talented. Your eye captures the beauty of the world in a marvelous, joyful way.

So sorry you have to let Dante leave you, but so glad you found a good situation for him. Hugs to you all this weekend.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Wow, ditto what Rebecca said. I was about to say everything she said and went to post and read hers...but I am sorry about the window...I know there are so many more things you'd rather focus on!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am just imagining that blade flying and hitting someone instead of something. Ouch. Sorry you are having a bad day...crap happens doesn't it?
Love all your flowers, as they are so different from anything I have here. PRETTY!!!
Dante' will be happy and that will make YOU and Vegas happy too.

Piper said...

oh how I love peonies, they are probably one of my favorite flowers, but very expensive and hard to find here. I would love them for my wedding, but prob. not going to happen.
Sorry about dante, but at least you know that he is going to go to a great home and you get up dates so that is wonderful!

C said...

your flowers are so beautiful specially the peonies... i love fucshia... and the orange one...

you take beautiful pictures... if i ever need a photographer i am having you do it... and suz, too... you both have such talent. of course, i would have to win the lottery first but i wont have anyone else. i promise.

i know your hearts are broken over letting dante go to a new home, but realistically, you chose a family that will be perfect for him and his needs... you did it out of love and he will be blessed there. try to think about that part of it, even tho i know its so hard.

sending you hugs and if i were there i would cook you a delicious meal...


Anonymous said...

Love these flower pix. You did the right thing for Dante, I know how difficult it must be, but he will be very happy and he knows it was all because you love him so so much

anuday said...

The spikey ones are Lupin, the blue ones are called Butchers button in England and the other ones are Flag Iris.Nice collection of flowers ;)

Technodoll said...

Thank you everyone... Dante is super happy in his new family and thanks to many updates and photos, our hearts and souls are at ease! It was the best decision for everyone.

Just Breathe said...

I am so sorry about your mower and window. {{HUGS}} I know how hard it must have been to let Dante go.
It sounds like a lovely home. It also sounds like the place that parents tell their children that their dog went to live when they either passed away or were given away. He will be happy for sure :)
Love the flower pictures, great shots.