Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm on it, I'm on it!

Hoo boy, I am so behind on stuff I don't know how to catch up anymore.


I haven't even gotten my beach vacay pics off my camera yet, not to mention all the other stuff I've been snapping since then: the blossoming garden, growing chicks and all sorts of fun stuff.

But I'm on it tonight! I sware!

I'm super behind on emails but am making an effort to write and call peeps, and as for blogging... well... I do read all your blogs even if I don't always comment. I do!

All this to say I'll have some lovely pics posted here soon :-)

Dante goes to his new home on Saturday so it will be a difficult weekend, I may not be around much then but will try to schedule some posts. And if I'm too broken and just feel like crying myself to sleep because of regret, well that'll be that...

/end of Can't Seem To Catch Up With Life post/


C said...

yeah i'll wait patiently for yo beach photos... you do have a life to live, TD... ;) animals to feed, flocks to tend, cleaning to do, mowing, raking... whew now i'm tired just writing some of what you do! lmao.

sending hugs about dante... :'(

Roshan said...

My thoughts are with u this weekend.